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World Embroidery Day 2022 – Free Pattern


Since 2011 when the first ‘World Embroidery Day’ was Inititated and celebrated by a local group in the Swedish Embroiderer’s Guild, this day has grown in popularity and the word is slowly spreading that Embroidery is a fantastic way to unleash your creativity.

I wanted to create a pattern that anyone, regardless of ability could ‘just stitch’ as well as enjoy and so I hope this free pattern will be just the ticket to get you stitching and give embroidery a go.

For those of you that already love hand embroidery, then this pattern is right up your street as well. You can have great fun freely stitching whichever stitches you fancy, in whatever colours and threads you have to hand – it looks fabulous no matter how you decide to stitch it.

Here’s my version of the pattern – I can’t tell you how much I loved stitching this, so much so I had it done in a weekend!..

The finished design is approx. 7 x 8 inches.

You choose the stitches…

You don’t need to overthink this one – it can be as simple as back stitch if thats all you know – just stitch your way around the pattern and see what comes to mind.

Here’s some close ups for inspiration…

Happy Stitching Day…

As well as the ‘World Embroidery Day’ template you can choose to stitch the design with the words changed to ‘Happy Stitching Day’ if you want to stitch a version for your craft room or a fellow stitcher! There is a slightly less busy version as well which I did for complete beginners in case they are overwhelmed with the main design…

Happy Stitching Day
Simpler Version

I really hope you enjoy stitching this sampler and if it inspires people who have not stitched before to find out how much joy you can get from Hand Embroidery – that will be fantastic!

Would you like to indulge your creativity and have a go at stitching this FREE pattern ?

Make sure you share your fabulous stitching – tag me on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery or post some pics in the Happy Stitching FB Group.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Hi, me again.
    Still trying to access the free patterns with absolutely no luck.
    Please help. Please give me some directions.

      1. Hi, sorry I should have written sooner. I want to thank you for all your amazing and gorgeous work. You are extremely talented and I am humbled by such work. You inspire me as well as others to explore the world of embroidery..
        Thanks again,
        Lauretta Wenger

  2. Cannot download the free pattern library. I have subscribed many times, but continue to have this problem.

    1. You need to be a subscriber to get the password for the library. In order to download the template you will need adobe acrobat or similar installed.

  3. Hi I am having the same problem. I have subscribed several times and cannot get the world embroidery day sampoler, Marsha

  4. I am not able to access any of the free pattern. I keep getting the subscription form to fill out which I already did. What else should I do??

  5. When I hit the oil for the free world embroidery day pattern I get the subscription form. Should I fill this out again to get to the pattern?

    1. Hello, you need to be a subscriber to be able to access the free patterns – when you subscribe you are given the password which enables you to enter. If you are already subscribed and having difficulties just email me and I will help you. Nicola

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