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Wonderful Life SAL – Week 6 Down by the Duck Pond


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Week 6 is the wonderful Ducks – there is quite a lot to this block so just take your time and enjoy!

Down by the Duck Pond

There are lots of colours that make up all the little elements so I will break it down as we go along.

Stitch with 2 strands throughout unless stated otherwise.

We will start by stitching the water in the pond…

Stitching the Water…

#926: Chain Stitch around the outer edge of the pond.

See the diagram below for help with filling in the shape…

There really is no right or wrong with how to fill the pond in and it seems more complex than it really is. I’ll show you how I filled it in and then you can do the same or come up with your own way – the idea is to create curves with your stitches rather than straight lines.

Begin at the ‘start’ point and curve all the way around to the ‘stop’ point – this was my first row. Start a new row at the ‘2nd row start’ point and stitch directly under the first row to create the second row and end at the ‘2nd row finish’.

Use this same method to create your remaining rows – stitching around the duck. You have to make it up a bit as you come in to the centre but as long as you maintain a natural direction and curve with no sharp turns it will stitch perfectly. Use the photo as a guide…

Stitching the Bulrushes…

This is nice and simple – follow the photo for the colour and stitch guide…

For the top of the bulrush – stitch a long vertical chain stitch and then fill inside this with 1 straight stitch.

Stitching the Ducks…

Each of the 3 ducks are stitched in the same way.

You will need the following colours…

#934, #746, #839, #3782, #3820, #3853

It’s hard to believe all those colours make up one tiny duck!

  • #934: Long & Short stitch the ducks head and then split stitch around the outer curve to finish.
  • #839: Split Stitch the breast of the duck in a downward curve direction to halfway under the ducks wing.
  • #839: Split stitch from the neck to the base of the tail above the wing.

#3782: Split stitch the area under the wing up towards the tail feathers.

Stitch the Wing: the wing is split in to 3 sections and stitched like so…

  • #3782: satin stitch the top section
  • #839: satin stitch the bottom section
  • #746: satin stitch the centre strip

To finish the duck you just need to add a few extra details but they do make all the difference to the end result. I used 2 strands throughout but if you feel this is too much and you are not able to be neat enough then switch to 1 strand.

Using the above photo as a guide – all the stitches are just straight and satin in the appropriate colours given.

The very last detail on the duck is the eye, I do think that this makes a huge difference to the character of your duck so take your time to make it right!

Start by stitching a French Knot (wrap twice around the needle) in black where the eye should be.

Then, using 1 strand of 746 – you just want to create a little bit of eyeliner(!) below and above the french knot to make the french knot stand out.

As in the photo below – bring the thread up on the right of the french knot and take it back in opposite on the left of the french knot. Pull the thread through to create a small stitch and just tuck it slightly under the french knot so it is visible and creates a tiny curved eyeline.

If you look at the photo on the right below – one line underneath makes the duck look a bit angry (!) which is why I did the same above the french knot as well.

I didn’t want them to have a comical look – just a natural appeal as though they are looking my way which helps to create a bit of a characterful feel.

OK, you can breathe now as the hard bits are done! All that remains is to stitch a few of the little ‘extras’ that complete the scene…

  • Stones/Pebbles: #452 and #738 – Satin Stitch
  • Mini Flowers: #34 Chain Stitch, #702 satin stitch leaves/straight stitch stem, #434 Back Stitch soil
  • Sign: #3808 Back stitch around edge/ satin stitch heart.

Yay – week 6 is complete! Hopefully you have enjoyed stitching this part of the design, I can’t wait to see those ducks appearing in the FB group!

Happy Stitching!

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