stitch a long week 2
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Wonderful Life SAL – Week 2 – Making the cottage Pretty!


Week 2 of the Stitch a long – find out how you can join in – please go this page for all the details.

Welcome back to Week 2 and we are going to be adding some simple but pretty details around the cottage as well as stitching that circular path just to bring it to life a bit more.

Flowers, Path and a little birdy too…

You will need the following colours…

#702, #3362, #782, #550, #34, #3820, #310, #452

Stitching The Flowers…

Use 2 strands throughout…

Left Flower Stitch Guide

#3362: Back stitch the stem and around the edge of the leaves and then fill the leaves with satin stitch vertically.

#550: Diagonally Satin Stitch the petals.

#782: Satin stitch the centre.

If you would like a recap on how to do Satin stitch – take a look at this post here.

Right Flower Stitch Guide

#702: Back stitch the stems and Fishbone Stitch the leaves.

#34: Lazy Daisy stitch the petals (also known as chain stitch) – make them elongated and then fill in with 1 long stitch.

#782: French knots to fill the centre. (wrap twice around).

Take a look here, if you need help with the following stitches… Fishbone stitch, French Knot, Chain Stitch.

Stitching the Little Birdy…

I used 2 strands throughout unless otherwise stated. If this is too much for you as it is a tiny bird, then just use 1 strand to fill yours in.

Start with the yellow #3820 and long and short stitch the body:

Start at the base of the tail and bring your stitches around trying to keep a curve direction as you go up towards the head. If you are worried about it looking untidy – back stitch the outer edge of the shape first to give you an area to stay within.

Still with the #3820 – chain stitch the tail feather.

The Wing: #782 – Satin Stitch the Wing.

The Black details: #310 – Straight stitch the beak and straight stitch to fill inside the yellow tail chain stitch. Then using 1 strand stitch a french knot for the eye.

As a final detail stitch a straight stitch in yellow across the centre of the tail (over the black).

Stitching the Circular Path…

The bricks around the path are all stitched in brick stitch – start with a horizontal line of back stitch across the centre of one brick and then brick stitch either side to fill. This way if your lines around the edge aren’t quite straight you won’t start off wonky.

#452: With 2 strands – Brick Stitch each of the bricks on the inner circle and then the ones on the outer circle to complete.

When all the bricks are complete add in some greenery in between the bricks just to add a bit of charm and soften the overall look.

#702 and #3362: use 2 strands of each when stitching and just add in some french knots and straight stitches. Use the photo above as a guide – keep them small and not too regimented so it looks natural.

Now the beautiful centre piece of your design is complete…

Well Done – I’m sure you’re really proud of how it looks already and it’s only week 2!

Make sure you show off your lovely stitching on the Happy Stitching FB Group or send me some pics and I’ll post them here, can’t wait to see how your design is coming along.

Don’t forget you can also share your stitching on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

Happy Stitching!

Week 3 will be here on Wednesday 27th January – see you then!


  1. Hi Nicola, Will the colour 452 be used again. I thought I had enough but just finished the path, with about 20 cm to spare.. so would need to buy more if it will be used again? Thank you

    1. Hi Paula, it is used again but in a very small amount so you could find something you have that is similar and get away with it. Definately not in the next couple of weeks though in case you did want to get another skein.

    1. hi, Brick stitch is different. It is done with the same size stitch in a brick wall formation whereas long and short is just that with the stitches blended in to one another.

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