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WinterBerry Cottage – Week 7


This week we are stitching some more of the pretty foliage and the elegant bird.

There are 2 of these on the design – stitch both in the same way.

Use 2 strands throughout unless stated otherwise

Leaf Motif

You will need the following colours: #924, #3042

  • Stem stitch the curved branches first and straight stitch the small lines coming off it to the leaves.
  • Satin stitch the leaves
  • #3042 (1 strand): straight stitch a central line half way up each leaf.

Leaf & Flower Motif

You will need the following colours: #936, #422, #816, #3756

  • #936: Split stitch the branches and satin stitch the leaves.
  • #816: Chain stitch the flower petals.
  • #422: Straight stitch the flower centres.
  • #3756: Straight stitch inside each of the chain stitch.

Elegant Bird

You will need the following colours:

#924, #3348, #3803, #3021

Use 2 strands throughout unless stated otherwise

Using the photo below for reference, stitch as follows…

#924: Back Stitch around the outline of the bird before doing any of the filler stitches.
#924: Satin stitch the birds chest and under belly.
#3348: Satin stitch the back and head.
#3803: Stitch 1-2 long chain stitch to fill the tail feathers.

Finishing details…

#3803: Split stitch the head feathers.
#3348: Split stitch around the outer edge of the head and along the birds back.
#3348: Long stitch inside the long chain stitch done in #3803.
#3021: Straight stitch the legs and beak, french knot the eye.

Week 7 is Complete!

Make sure you show off your wonderful stitching in the Happy Stitching FB Group or on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

If you need help along the way just ask in the FB group as there are lots of lovely people stitching along with you who can offer lots of advice and support if needed.

Week 8 is on the blog Wednesday 5th April… See you then!

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