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WinterBerry Cottage Week 4


Welcome to the ‘WinterBerry Cottage’ Stitch A Long

This Stitch A Long is taking place for 10 weeks on the Stitchdoodles blog – Starting Wednesday 15th February 2023 and finishing on Wednesday 19th April 2023.

Each Wednesday during the SAL – a new tutorial will be published on the blog with all the information you need to complete a part of the WinterBerry Cottage Pattern.

If you are not familiar with a Stitchdoodles SAL and this is all new to you and you would like to join in, please go to this page to get all the information.

This week we are stitching lots of lovely foliage. Use 2 strands throughout unless stated otherwise…

Large Flower Pot

You will need the following colours…

#422, #3809, #29, #936, #3348, #3756, #816, #902

Using the Photo for reference, stitch as follows…

#29: satin stitch the stem base and then stem stitch up the branches.
#936: Satin stitch each of the leaves and then with #3348 (1 strand): straight stitch up the centre of each.
#902: Tiny Chain stitch create the buds on the top of the 2 branches.

Satin stitch the pot in the colours shown, for a neat edge it helps to back stitch around the shape first.

To stitch the Larger Flowers…

#816: Back stitch around the edge of the petals.
#3756: Satin Stitch the petals. (Bring the thread up on the centre circle line and down opposite just inside the back stitch edge.) Treat each petal as an individual when filling before moving on to the next.
#29: French knot the centre circle.

As a final detail…

#902 (1 strand): straight stitch a third of the way into the petal on the outer edge. Stitch 1 or 2 on each petal tip.

These beautiful Formal Flowers in their pot are now complete.

Strawberry Plants…

You will need the following colours…

#3021, #936, #816, #3756

#3021: Stem stitch the stem and branches.
#936: Satin Stitch the leaves.
#816: Satin stitch the 2 larger strawberries.
#816: Chain stitch the smaller berries and fill each with a straight stitch.
#3756 (1 strand): straight stitch tiny pips on the strawberries.

Week 4 is complete.

Make sure you show off your wonderful stitching in the Happy Stitching FB Group or on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

If you need help along the way just ask in the FB group as there are lots of lovely people stitching along with you who can offer lots of advice and support if needed.

Week 5 is on the blog Wednesday 15th March… See you then!

Happy stitching!

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