Wildflowers and rabbits
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Wildflowers and Rabbits in Embroidery


Remember the walk I showed you last week? With all those lovely colours and gorgeous wild rabbits?

Well, it had me totally inspired to create a new design as I just had to get those thistles in stitch somehow! 

So, I have had great fun coming up with a new design and here’s a sneak peak of how it looks so far…

wildflower embroidery pattern

I have packed this full of colour with thistles, daisies, bullrush, dandelions and greenery to add lots of interest. The rabbits are scattered in the foliage just like I see them every morning on my walk.

wildflower embroidery pattern

This one is going to be in the hoop for a more traditional finish and I can’t wait to get all the flowers and rabbits completed to see the finished result. Just shows you what ideas you can get from a simple morning walk!

Update to Post…

This design is all finished and can be purchased in the Stitchdoodles Shop…

WildFlowers and Rabbits Hand Embroidery PDF Pattern

WildFlowers and Rabbits Hand Embroidery Printed Fabric Pattern


Happy Stitching!


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