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Valentine’s Inspired Hand Embroidery + FREE Penguins to stitch!


You don’t need to be all loved up to enjoy these hand embroidery designs… …

There are so many gorgeous designs around the theme of Valentine’s Day and they are great to stitch at any time of the year. Happy colors and cute florals make these designs so enjoyable to stitch.

Here are some designs I thought you might enjoy.

A stitched version of the ‘LOVE’ pattern – rather than using Felt applique for the letters and flowers like in my original pattern – this one was stitched entirely with thread, giving a wonderful vintage appeal.

A beautifully simple design with gorgeous colors makes this hoop by Crafty Dreams absolutely stunning.

If there is a rabbit involved then I am all over it and this cute bun by Bumpkin Hill on Etsy is just adorable.

And look at these little ornaments… you can get stitching a set of these for yourself with this pattern from Etsy.

Last year’s’ Bee Mine’ Pattern was extremely popular. You can still grab the free template and follow the tutorial for this fun and simple design if you want to give this one a go. Head over here for the tutorial and template.

If those 5 designs have got you all inspired for some simple, colorful and happy designs, take a look at my Valentine’s Pinterest Board with lots more ideas and projects that you can make.

What about the FREE Penguins?

I could not resist having a bit of fun with the theme this year. Rather than go for a traditional hoop design with flowers, hearts and heartfelt messages – I decided these little guys would make a great little stitch pattern…

They are small, cute and simple to stitch, making them the perfect choice for anyone needing a last-minute card or gift for someone they love.

Don’t just think Valentine with these little guys – stitch them on your kid’s clothing, as a bag charm or keyring. They would look wonderful if you made several and created a banner for a nursery or penguin loving toddler! (or even adult!) They are incredibly cute for all sorts of embellishments.

Materials required…

  • White Felt for the Penguins (3.5 x 2.5inches)
  • Black Embroidery Thread – I used DMC 310 in 2 strands
  • Sticky Fabri Solvy for transferring the design to the felt.

If you are making a card or hanging decoration like the ones pictured, you will also need…

  • Red Felt for the Heart (3.5 x 3.5 inches) – 2 of these if you make a hanging decoration.
  • Blank Card (if making into a card)
  • Red Thread

You will also need the Pattern Template…

Pattern Template – available from the link at the bottom of this post.

To stitch the Penguins…

Trace the design on to the Sticky Fabri Solvy.

Peel the back off and then stick this to your felt.

Stitch each penguin as shown above. The 3 layers of backstitch are just on the lower half of the body outline to give it a thicker appearance.

The eyes are stitched in satin stitch and finished with a little white stitch to add character.

Cut around the edge of the penguins close to the edge of the stitching and then soak off the sticky fabri solvy. Once dry you have the cutest pair of penguins you ever did see.

Create a Card, just like this one…

These penguins have been stitched on to a red felt heart and then this has been stitched to the center of a card. I added a little heart balloon with some more felt and twine.

Or, why not create a hanging decoration…

Whatever you decide to stitch your penguins on to – I hope you enjoy the FREE pattern. I would love to see your finished creations – tag me in on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery

Happy Stitching!


Want to download the Free Template for the Loved Up Penguin Design…

hand embroidery pattern for penguins

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