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The Ultimate Stitch Sampler


Do you love trying out different Hand embroidery stitches?

If you have stitched any of my designs then you will know I certainly do! Even though I love adding a variety of stitches into my patterns it’s easy to stick with the same ones.

This Ultimate ‘Stitch Fun’ sampler goes beyond the usual and helps you to explore a whole variety of stitches – some you may use in your future stitching and some you may not but who cares – they are all fun!

Samplers are great for getting you started…

When you decide to have a go at Hand Embroidery it was no doubt a fantastic pattern that inspired you however, you soon realise there is a bit more to reaching that point – you need to practice a bit first and learn a few of the basics – that’s where a modern sampler comes in.

You can just pick up a needle and thread, take a look at some you tube videos or grab a stitch book and get going but this can be a bit boring! It’s nice to have an actual pattern that is not only fun to complete but also ticks the boxes when it comes to exploring different stitches.

Here’s the perfect Beginner Sampler…

For those of you just starting out I created a hexies sampler with the more basic stitches that you come across in a lot of patterns. There are 20 stitches in this piece and it is perfect for beginners.

The pattern is available as a PDF Download or a Full Kit if you are just starting out.

Now for the Ultimate Stitch Sampler

This started as a simple idea for the Facebook Group and Blog readers to join in on a free stitch a long of sorts exploring different stitches.

Here’s the rough draft that we started with – there was no pre planning just a ‘make it up as we go along’ sort of vibe!

I had no idea each week which stitch I would decide to feature so it was as much a surprise to me as it was everyone else as it evolved which made it really fun.

Fast forward 4 months and over 30 stitches later (!) and we have this fabulous stitch sampler.

I had no idea it would take that long but the effort was worth it.

All about the stitches…

As well as a few of the more common stitches such as Satin, Fly, Stem, Split, Couching etc. The ones that makes this sampler really stand out are the unusual ones that you don’t often come across but are really fun to stitch.

Take a look at all these that you could learn to stitch as well…

The Crows Foot was a big favourite with a lot of the stitchers…

Plus this Sprat’s Head…

Cloud Filling
Catherine Wheel
Griffen Stitch
Turkey Rug Stitch

Would you like to Stitch this Sampler?

All of the stitches will remain on the blog so I thought it would be a fun idea to make this a little bit easier to complete if you didn’t join in the first time around and want to create one for yourself.

You can find out all the details for stitching your own ‘Ultimate’ Stitch Fun Sampler on this page.

There is a template and even a pre printed fabric panel for you to purchase so you can get stitching straight away. All of the stitches are on one page making it easy for you to pick up where you left off each time.

Why not join the Happy Stitching Facebook Group and share your progress with all the other lovely stitchers in the group.

If you create a masterpiece of your own and want others to be inspired – email me a photo of your finished hoop so I can post your photo’s here.

Happy Stitching!

Want to remember this? Post this Stitch Sampler to your favourite Pinterest board!

hand embroidery stitch sampler
hand embroidery stitch sampler

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