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The Night Garden Hand Embroidery Pattern


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My latest design is something I have wanted to do for so long but just couldn’t decide how to go about it!

I love traditional quilting patterns and have always loved Baltimore blocks which are really detailed floral blocks which originated in the 1840’s.

I wanted to create some of these blocks in an embroidery pattern but was unable to decide weather to do the blocks as individual standalone patterns or as a whole mini quilt type of design. After a lot of playing around with different ideas I finally settled on a design and as a last minute decision I decided to go with a black fabric and seeing the end result I am so glad I did…

Say hello to…

The Night Garden

This pattern measures approx. 7.5inches x 9inches and is composed of 12 mini block designs which are then surrounded by a wonderful leafy vine.

It might look complex, but when you break it down and look at each of the blocks individually, it is actually a really nice and simple stitch project.

How do you transfer the pattern to the fabric?

This is usually the first question I’m asked when I release a new pattern stitched on dark fabric and the answer is really simple – white carbon paper.

Place the carbon paper on the fabric, then the design, trace over and look what happens…

Choosing the colours…

Even though I love traditional patterns, I wanted to give this design a modern feel so I went bright with 14 skeins of gorgeous colours…

Here’s a close up of the individual blocks that you can enjoy stitching…

Make it your own…

This pattern is perfect for adapting to suit your own style. It really would work on any coloured fabric and with a whole new colour scheme depending on the look you are going for. You could even go for a monochrome effect with just white thread on dark fabric – that would look amazing!

Would you like to stitch ‘The Night Garden‘?

The Night Garden pattern is available as a PDF – as soon as your purchase is made you can download the pattern and get ready to stitch.

Make sure you join the Happy Stitching Facebook Group and share your progress as I would love to see your stitching of this design.

Happy Stitching!

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The Night Garden hand embroidery pattern

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