sticky fabri solvy
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Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy for Transferring to fabric

Many factors play a part when considering how to transfer a pattern to your fabric…

…these can include the design, the type of fabric, the colour of fabric, if you have a steady hand, how long the pattern will take to stitch.

My latest pattern consisted of a lot of geometric blocks…

mini jane pattern

As you can see in this sketch, its not something you would want to hand draw on to fabric – it would be very difficult to get accurate.

The design itself, was an embroidery version of some of the many blocks from the ‘Dear Jane’ quilt by Jane A Stickle.

Since the original quilt had 169 blocks there were a lot to choose from.

My 8 inch design contains 36 mini blocks (2cm in size!) This was all really nice and simple when it came to drawing it on graph paper however I soon realised when I wanted to transfer it to fabric this was not going to be possible by tracing!

So I decided it was a job for the magical sticky fabri solvy by sulky (quite a mouthful I know!). The great thing about this is you can print directly on to it so for more complex designs, it is perfect.

sticky fabri solvy
mini jane pattern

Easy Transfer…

Here’s the design printed straight on to the sheet of stabiliser and then stuck on to the fabric ready for stitching.

Stitching can be sticky!

You will find when stitching, that the needle is a bit tougher to poke through the fabric (not enough for it to be a problem) and the needle can get a bit of sticky residue on it as it goes through – you can just clean this off as you stitch.

Its not a product I would choose to use for all my stitching but for thick fabrics and designs like this – the pro’s certainly out weigh the cons!

So we’ll skip forward to after the stitching is all done so you can see how this stuff actually dissolves…

Take a look at this short video and you will see how simple and stress free it is…

mini jane pattern

Finishing your embroidery…

The important thing is to make sure all the residue has dissolved and no little bits remain as you will have to soak it all over again. Make sure you dry your finished embroidery flat and iron when dry.

After that you can choose to display as you like.

Give it a try!

Sulky sticky Fabri solvy is definately a product I would recommend using in the right circumstances.

If you have a complex design, or want to stitch on to felt or thick fabric then I would certainly say it is a good choice.

Where to buy…

It is really easy to get hold of on Amazon in the UK in packs of 12 but if you just want to give it a try then I sell single sheets in my Etsy shop here.

Make sure you are buying the right product as Sulky sell a variety of stabilsers which can all look the same (!) so make sure it is the ‘Sticky Fabri Solvy’ and not one of the others!

Here’s how the design looked once dryed, ironed and framed…dear jane embroidery

This beautiful quilt block inspired pattern is available from my shop …

Mini Jane Pattern

Happy Stitching!

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