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Summer Splendour – Week 5 – Dragonfly & Daisy


Welcome to week 5 – all the summer samplers I have seen so far are looking fantastic- it doesn’t matter what stage you are at – keep stitching at your own pace to ensure you enjoy it – thats the main thing!

This week is one of my favourite in the pattern – the daisy flower is just so much fun to stitch – there are lots of little stitches that make up the flower and as you see it all come together it looks so pretty.

Stitching the Daisy Flower…

You will need the following colours…

#906, #712, #3609, #3804, #743, #208, #839

Use 2 strands throughout unless otherwise stated.

To start, split stitch the entire outline of the daisy flower petals in #3609. (if you find split stitch too fiddly or its not conforming to the curves then stitch tiny back stitch instead).

Then, with #712: Satin stitch inside the split stitched lines to fill each petal.

For the pink detail on the tip of each petal, use 1 strand of #3804 and straight stitch 2-3 stitches on each petal edge (keep inside the lighter pink edge).

#743: French Knots to fill the flower centre.

Stunning once it all comes together…

For the smaller flower that has not quite bloomed:

#712: Satin stitch the petals.

#3804 (1 strand): straight stitch down the side of each petal and then stitch 2 little stitches on each tip as you did for the larger flower.

#906: Split stitch the stems and Fishbone stitch the leaves.

Next is the Dragonfly

  • #553 (1 strand): Trellis Stitch the inside of the wings and then back stitch the edges to complete.
  • #839 (2 strands): Satin Stitch the body & head and straight stitch 2 antennae.

To finish the block, #3827, back stitch the outer edge of the block.

Your beautiful summer daisy and dragonfly are now complete.

Make sure you show off your lovely stitching on the Happy Stitching FB Group or send me some pics and I’ll post them here, can’t wait to see how your design is coming along.

Don’t forget you can also share your stitching on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

Happy Stitching!

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