Hand embroidered Beach Huts
[ Inspiration ]

Summer Splendour – Week 4 – Beach Huts and Beach Fun


The Beach Huts

You will need the following colours…

#553, #160, #743, #519, #471, #907, #996

Use 2 strands throughout unless otherwise stated.

Hut 1…

  • Brick stitch the main areas first before satin stitching the roof.
  • #996: Stitch a cross in the round window.
  • #160: To finish stitch a long stitch up each side of the walls and around the door.

Hut 2…

  • Straight stitch the single vertical Green stripes first.
  • Fill in between the green stripes with the blue vertical stitches – you may need a single stitch or 2 stitches to fill the gap.
  • Straight stitch above and below the door after satin stitching.
  • Straight stitch the green flag to finish the roof.

Hut 3…

  • After satin stitching the stripes – stitch long stitches either side in the same colour to finish.
  • Stitch a cross in the circle window and back stitch the outer edge.

All 3 huts are now complete and they look so summery in their gorgeous bright colours…

Now for a bit of…

Beach Fun!

The colours needed are given next to each area.

Use 2 strands throughout unless otherwise stated.

Beach ball & Bucket:

#996, #472, #712, #347, #742, #839

  • Using the photo as a guide – stitch the ball stripes first before completing the ball with the white top circle.
  • Straight stitch the handle and arm of the spade, then satin stitch the spade itself.
  • Satin stitch the bucket vertically with #742 & then split stitch the handle over the top of the satin stitch. Straight stitch the inner brown area and back stitch #742 the outer rim of the bucket.

Ships Wheel, Yacht and Crab:

#839, #712, #743, #519, #3712, #223: These little stitcheries are eaqsy to do – just follow the colour and stitch guide here…

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Happy Stitching!

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