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Summer Splendour SAL – Week 8 – Up Up & Away


The Penultimate week of this Summer SAL is now upon us and it’s a really colourful one to stitch this week! I am so happy hearing how much fun people are having stitching this pattern and it’s amazing how quickly the weeks fly by with so much stitching!

The colours in this balloon are so much fun to stitch, nice and simple but very satisfying seeing it all come together…

Let’s start stitching the fabulous Hot Air Balloon…

Starting with the Balloon itself, you will need the following colours…

#347, #742, #3765, #996, #906, #839, #3772

The Stripes on the Balloon are all stitched in Split stitch, use the following photo for colour reference…

Once you have completed Split Stitching each of the stripes, complete the rest of the ballon as follows…

  • #996: Satin Stitch horizontally the base of the balloon .
  • For the Balloon Basket… #839: Satin stitch horizontally and stitch 3 long stitches connecting it to the balloon.
  • #3772: Satin Stitch vertically then long stitch across the bottom of the basket to neaten the edge.

Completing the Flowers…

The flowers were stitched in the same way using 2 strands, a few were stitched in #742 and a few in #783.

To stitch the Flowers…

Straight stitch the petals first from the centre outwards and then with #712 (1 strand) – straight stitch in between the petals from the outer edge into the centre.

Corner Foliage…

  • #160: Split stitch the branches off the main stem.
  • #907: Split stitch main stem, French knots for the buds.

Outer Block Edge…

#907: Back Stitch

Your wonderful Balloon is Complete…

Make sure you show off your lovely stitching on the Happy Stitching FB Group or send me some pics and I’ll post them here.

Don’t forget you can also share your stitching on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

Happy Stitching!

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