Stitch Guide

Stitch Guide

There are lots of wonderful resources available for you to learn different hand embroidery stitches, here are a few to get you started…

Free Patterns and Tutorials

Many of the free patterns and tutorials on this blog feature a step by step ‘how to’ for certain stitches. If you click on the drop down menu on this ‘Stitch Guide’ tab I have made it easy for you to find individual stitches that have been featured in this way.

Stitch Fun Sampler

Take a look at all the stitches that feature on the ‘Stitch Fun’ Sampler by clicking on the ‘Stitch Fun’ tab.  Select the stitch you are interested in to be taken to the tutorial.


Take a look at the Hand Embroidery Stitches board on Pinterest. This is continually added to with all the latest stitch guides, video tutorials and picture guides from many different online resources. Lots of different stitches are featured here so hopefully you can find the stitch you are looking for.


I am definately a book person  and a couple of books that I love and have found really easy to use and follow are…