hand embroidery stitches

Stitch Fun

Join in each week as we learn a new stitch and fill in a wonderful sampler along the way.

Want to join in? Here’s what you will need…

  • Fabric – approx 14-16 inch square in size for surface stitches (not counted thread)
  • Transfer Pen or similar – one that does not leave a permanent mark.
  • 8-10inch hoop or frame.
  • Embroidery thread – any types, colours.
  • Needle and Scissors.

Just use what you have to hand – this is more about giving it a go and learning along the way rather than creating a perfect piece of embroidery.

All of these items are available from the Stitchdoodles Shop on Etsy.

Here’s all the info on getting started… https://www.stitchdoodles.com/stitch-fun-sampler/

The stitch tutorials will be on the blog each week on a Friday but you can join in whenever you like.

Join the Facebook group and share your progress…