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Stitch Fun – Woven and Whipped Wheels

Stitch this Fabulous Sampler

stitch sampler for hand embroidery

If you want to stitch this wonderful sampler and learn over 30 Hand Embroidery stitches then head over to this page for all the information.

If you have purchased the Pre Printed Fabric Panel or have tranferred the Template to your fabric – scroll down to the ‘Start Stitching’ section to get started straight away.

Woven and Whipped Wheels

These decorative stitches are incredibly fun to stitch and are always so satisfying when complete.

Where to Stitch on your sampler…

Last week, you already drew the circles on to the fabric for these 2 wheels – if you need a refresh or didn’t do it at that time you can see the tutorial here…

The first circle just down from the Couching wheel is where we will start by stitching a…

Whipped Wheel

Sometimes referred to as a Spiders wheel as it looks a lot like a web.

I used a size 8 Perle Thread.

First we need to create the ‘spokes’ and whipped wheels can be worked over both an odd as well as an even number of spokes.

Here’s how to create the 8 spokes needed for this wheel…

Start Stitching…

Come up on the outside of the circle (1) and take the needle back in at the centre (2). Come up on the outside (3) – directly opposite (1) and go back in the centre. Come up at (5) – go back in at the centre, then do the same again – up on the outside (directly opposite (5)) and go back in the centre. This just creates a simple cross shape.

Now do the same again – always coming up on the outside and back in at the centre to create 4 more spokes. That gives you 8 evenly spaced spokes in total.

Now you have the spokes in place you can create the whipped wheel – once you bring the thread up to start the wheel – the rest of the stitch is worked on the surface.

Bring the thread up close to the centre between 2 of the spokes and then switch to a tapestry needle.

Follow the directions below… Take the thread over the spoke that is behind where you came up and then go under that spoke and under the second spoke as well…

Pull through and the thread will have looped around the spoke that was behind where you came up.

As you have taken the thread under the second spoke, take it back over and then under the spoke and then continue under the third spoke.

Each time you are wrapping it around the spoke behind and taking it under the next spoke ready to do the same.

Keep doing this around the spokes and the whipped wheel will start to form. Don’t pull too tight and keep the wheel neat as you go.

Once you have completely filled in the circle, take the thread to the back to finish.

Ta Da… Looks great doesn’t it!

Next we have the…

Woven Wheel

Again, I used a Perle Thread size 8.

As you did for the Whipped Wheel, you need to stitch your spokes – this one needs an odd number of spokes to work effectively. Here’s how to get 7 spokes eveny spaced within your second circle on your sampler…

Come up at 1, down at 2, up at 3 and so on…

The holding stitch is just a small vertical stitch over the centre to bring the lines to a centre point and keep them in place once all the lines are stitched.

Once you have the spokes done you are ready to create the woven effect. Bring your thread up at the centre in between 2 spokes and change to a tapestry needle.

Take the thread over the 1st spoke to the left and then under the second spoke…

Continue weaving the thread under and over the spokes as you go around and build up the woven wheel. Don’t pull them too tight as you go.

Keep going until all the spokes are covered. When the circle is complete, take the thread to the back to finish.

Now you have some wonderful circles complete on your sampler you can use these in all sorts of ways – flowers, wheels, balloons, webs – small or large they always look really nice.

Show us your sampler so far… #stitchdoodlesdesign on Instagram, post in the Happy stitching FB Group, or email your pics and I’ll add them here.

Happy Stitching!


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