triangle filling stitch
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Stitch Fun – Triangle Filling


Stitch this Fabulous Sampler

stitch sampler for hand embroidery

If you want to stitch this wonderful sampler and learn over 30 Hand Embroidery stitches then head over to this page for all the information.

If you have purchased the Pre Printed Fabric Panel or have tranferred the Template to your fabric – scroll down to the ‘Start Stitching’ section to get started straight away.

Triangle Filling

triangle filling stitch

Where to stitch…

On the lower right quarter there is a gap left that will suit this stitch perfectly. Draw a square shape to fill the gap ready for stitching.

Start Stitching…

Before we start…

There is another small gap that is crying out to have a couple of stitches in it on the lower left quarter of the sampler. As you can see, I stitched 2 nice star stitches to finish this section off. (Right next to the satin stitch shapes).

I used 2 strands of floss – stitch a cross shape – stitch diagonally across in both directions and then anchor them all down with a tiny stitch over the centre to complete your star.

Back to the Triangle Filling…

I used a full 6 strands of thread to complete my triangle grid in purple as follows…

Stitch the diagonal lines first…

  1. Stitch diagonally across from bottom left corner to top right.
  2. Fill the shape with evenly spaced diagonal lines in same direction.
  3. Stitch diagonally across from bottom right corner to top left over the top of the first grid.
  4. Fill with evenly spaced stitches in same direction so you have a diagonal grid.

Next stitch horizontal long stitches across the width of the grid – make sure they go over the cross sections (intersections) of the diagonal stitches…

To complete…

In a contrasting thread (I used Perle size 8 in yellow) – stitch small vertical stitches over the horizontal stitches and cross sections to hold the long stitches in place and make it look pretty!

Your triangle filling is all done.

That’s 3/4 of the sampler complete now which is a fantastic achievement.

Happy Stitching!

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