Stitch Fun Sampler

This wonderful sampler was a blog feature for a few months – each week a new stitch was added until the whole 8 inch hoop was covered.

Now that the ‘Stitch Fun’ blog series has finished, you can still enjoy completing and learning these stitches whilst creating this fabulous design.

To create the design you have 3 choices…

  1. Easiest and simplest! Purchase the Pre printed Fabric Panel and get stitching straight away.
  2. Purchase the template and transfer the design to the fabric yourself.
  3. Hardest and most time consuming! Transfer the pattern as you go by following the tutorials and measuring it all yourself!

How to Stitch your Sampler…

All of the stitches are given below. You can either complete the stitches on your sampler in the order as they appear on this page or follow your own order.

The pdf guide that is provided alongside the Pre Printed fabric and the Template shows a stitch diagram so you know which stitch goes where. Print this out to check you are stitching the right stitch in the right place.

All the stitches are here so just find the one you want – click on the button and off you go.

Happy Stitching!

hand embroidery stitches

Stitch fun Sampler…

Hand Embroidery is all about stitches

Let’s see if we can create something, colorful, beautiful and not to mention fun out of this incredibly rough draft of a sampler!

If you can’t see the beauty in this yet you are going to have to trust me!!!

Rather than prep, stitch, prep again, re stitch and then present something for you to join in with – we are going to create something together that none of us know what it will look like until it is done!

The only thing I do know is it will be fun, you will learn loads and it will look lovely as it will be full of wonderful hand embroidery stitches and what could be more lovely than that?

Want to join in? Here’s what you will need…

  • Fabric – approx 14-16 inch square in size for surface stitches (not counted thread)
  • Transfer Pen or similar – one that does not leave a permanent mark.
  • 8-10inch hoop or frame.
  • Embroidery thread – any types, colours.
  • Needle and Scissors.

Just use what you have to hand – this is more about giving it a go and learning along the way rather than creating a perfect piece of embroidery.

All of these items are available from the Stitchdoodles Shop on Etsy.

Here’s the Prep Bit…

This is lovely and simple and should take no time at all…

With your erasable transfer pen – draw an 8 inch circle on your fabric.

Divide the circle in half and draw a line across the centre and do the same again in the opposite direction so you have a circle divided in to 4 quarters.

Hoop up your fabric so it is nice and tight.

If you need help with this, check out the post here.

And that’s it, you are all ready to start stitching…

I will be posting the stitch tutorials on the blog each week on a Friday but you can join in whenever you like and it would be great to see your progress on the Facebook group – it’s a great place to get help and advice as well as share your stitching for others to enjoy.

happy stitching facebook group

Starts this Friday 22nd May – what will the first stitch be???

First week… Closed Buttonhole Stitch

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