Stitch Fun Sampler

This wonderful sampler was a blog feature for a few months – each week a new stitch was added until the whole 8 inch hoop was covered.

Now that the ‘Stitch Fun’ blog series has finished, you can still enjoy completing and learning these stitches whilst creating this fabulous design.

To create the design you have 2 choices…

  1. Easiest and simplest! Purchase the Pre printed Fabric Panel and get stitching straight away.
  2. Hardest and most time consuming! Transfer the pattern as you go by following the tutorials and measuring it all yourself!

How to Stitch your Sampler…

All of the stitches are given below. You can either complete the stitches on your sampler in the order as they appear on this page or follow your own order.

The pdf guide that is provided alongside the Pre Printed fabric and the Template shows a stitch diagram so you know which stitch goes where. Print this out to check you are stitching the right stitch in the right place.

All the stitches are here so just find the one you want – click on the button and off you go.

Happy Stitching!