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Stitch Fun – Heavy Chain Stitch

Stitch this Fabulous Sampler

stitch sampler for hand embroidery

If you want to stitch this wonderful sampler and learn over 30 Hand Embroidery stitches then head over to this page for all the information.

If you have purchased the Pre Printed Fabric Panel or have tranferred the Template to your fabric – scroll down to the ‘Start Stitching’ section to get started straight away.

Heavy Chain Stitch

This is also known as Braid Stitch and can be used for straight and curved lines as well as filling.

How to Stitch…

For your guide, draw a straight line adjacent to the closed buttonhole stitches. It needs to be a little bit away but not so far away that there is a big gap!

Start Stitching…

Starting at the top, stitch a small straight stitch on the line – taking your needle to the back.

Bring your needle back up on the line a stitch length away at 3…

heavy chain stitch

Keeping the needle on the surface, take it through the vertical stitch you started with and then bring it around to form the chain loop and take the needle back in at 3.

Pull the needle and thread to the back to form the first chain…

Now you are going to do the exact same thing again – bringing the needle out directly under the first chain and back in the same place like so…

That’s the first heavy chain (or double chain as I call it) complete, now all you need to do is complete the line.

Bring the needle up on the line a stitch length away from the completed chain stitch.

Take the needle through (or under) the chain stitch just completed and back in where you came up to create the single chain…

… and then repeat to create the double chain as you did before coming out just under that single chain – under the previous double chain and back in where you came out.

Keep stitching downwards in the same way to complete the line. The smaller the gap between each of the double chains – the chunkier your line will look which is great for filling in areas.

If you stitch like I did and leave a gap (so I could help you see the stitch formation) – you still get a nice chunky line which would be great for letters or borders on designs.

Can’t wait to see your finished heavy chain stitch…

Happy Stitching!

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