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Stitch Fun – Griffen Stitch


Stitch this Fabulous Sampler

stitch sampler for hand embroidery

If you want to stitch this wonderful sampler and learn over 30 Hand Embroidery stitches then head over to this page for all the information.

If you have purchased the Pre Printed Fabric Panel or have tranferred the Template to your fabric – scroll down to the ‘Start Stitching’ section to get started straight away.

Griffen Stitch

Griffen Stitch is a lattice filling stitch that can be used for lots of decorative purposes in hand embroidery. As with any lattice/trellis type stitch it is easier and neater to work on an evenweave fabric where you can count the placement of the lines but for this sampler we are just going to use our own judgement and get a feel for the stitch that way.

As you can see, I have created a shape between the other 2 shapes on the lower left quarter. The shape makes it a bit more of a challenge with a curved edge as well as odd angles but this is all part of the fun!!!

Using the following photo as a guide – draw a similar shape on to your sampler with your fabric marker… (it doesn’t have to be identical just fill the same amount of space as mine did.)

Next, draw a grid inside the shape with lines approx. 1cm apart…

Start Stitching…

Griffen stitch can be worked in 1 colour or several colours so it is really up to you what you choose depending on the effect you are after. I chose 3 colours – a darker one for the grid, a lighter one for the lattice and then a contrasting one for the weave decoration.

To start… Using 2 strands, work a grid on the lines using long vertical and horizontal stitches…

Next, stitch another grid over the first grid and make the stitches diagonal.

Make the diagonal stitches cross over the first grid on the corners of the squares (so you get a crossover in the centre of the squares of the first grid.)

Anchor the second grid down with small vertical stitches on the cross sections…

The final stage is to lace a thread around the intersections where the 2 grids meet to create a circular decoration.

I chose a perle thread in purple.

Bring the thread out at the intersection – lace it under and over the 2 grid lines and then take it back in where you started to complete the circle.

Repeat for all the other intersections…

And that’s your Griffen stitch complete.

Happy Stitching!

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