Stitch Fun for Spring

Welcome to another bit of ‘Stitch Fun’ where you can play around with lots of different stitches on a design I have created especially for this purpose

This design is lovely and simple – 30 different 1 inch blocks allow you to have lots of creativity on a small scale. Of course the Spring element comes mainly with the colours – you could easily make this a Summer, Autumn or of Winter sampler just by changing the colour palette!

The template allows you to really put your own spin on things and is available for FREE from the Stitchdoodles Resource Library.

Size approx. 7 x 5.5 inches.

The Stitchdoodles Resource Library is where I keep my FREE downloadable files, patterns, and printables and it’s open to everyone. All you need is the password to get in, which you can get by filling out the form here.

If you like my Spring Colour Palette then here’s the DMC colours I used for my stitching…

Perfect for beginners to learn stitches

If you want to practice and teach yourself some hand embroidery stitches, this blog page gives you lots of information on where you can go and what resources to use for individual stitches – use this sampler as your practice piece as it is so versatile and adapatable for so many different stitches.

Need some Inspiration?

Lets take a closer look at the blocks I stitched to give you some inspiration.

Row 1: Pekinese, Fly, Cross, Split, Chain, French Knots, Back stitch and Satin.

Row 2: Chain, Back stitch, Trellis, Satin, long chain for outlines and fly stitches that look like zig zags. If you like the Fishbone stitch heart there is a you tube video tutorial here

Row 3: Battlement, Crows Foot, Buttonhole, Back stitch, Satin, Threaded Back stitch, French Knots, Double running stitch.

Row 4: Same stitches as described before but used in different ways to create different effects. Also, some couching and weaving.

Row 5: Star stitch, sheaf stitch, seed, couching, burden, fly and cross stitch.

As you can see from the above, there is almost limitless opportunities for trying out all sorts of stitches – I had so much fun stitching these little blocks and hope you will too.

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Not able to print and download?

Don’t worry, you can still stitch the sampler by purchasing the Pre Printed Fabric with the design already printed on for you so you can get stitching straight away.

Purchase the Stitch Fun Sampler Pre Printed Fabric

Have fun and Happy Stitching!