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Stitch Fun – Closed Buttonhole Stitch


Stitch this Fabulous Sampler

stitch sampler for hand embroidery

If you want to stitch this wonderful sampler and learn over 30 Hand Embroidery stitches then head over to this page for all the information.

Closed Buttonhole Stitch

If you have purchased the Pre Printed Fabric Panel – scroll down to the ‘Start Stitching’ section to get started straight away.

closed buttonhole stitch

This stitch is a variation of ‘buttonhole stitch’ and for surface hand embroidery would be a great choice as a decorative border, wide border decorative filler – worked in multiple rows it would make a really interesting filler on larger areas.

How to Stitch…

We will start the sampler off by stitching half way down the centre line to the centre point in closed buttonhole stitch.

Assuming this stitch is new to you then the best way to learn it is to put a few markers on the fabric first so you find it easier.

I marked the centre line first with 1cm intervals… and then above this you need to mark evenly spaced intervals that are in the middle of the lower marks (as in this photo…). Once you understand how the stitch is composed you wouldn’t need to mark the fabric but for those of us that are just learning it makes sense to keep it simple.

Start Stitching…

  • Bring the thread up on the main line at 1 – where you want to start stitching
  • Take the thread in at 2 and then back out at 3 (where you first came out at 1). Pull through to form a line.
  • Now go back in at 4 and come out at 5.
  • As you pull the thread through, keep it looped under the needle (6) – this will ensure it keeps a straight line on the line and forms the triangle shape.

Now all you need to do is repeat the steps to complete the rest of the stitches.

Come up on the next outer mark and back in on the line as in the photo and repeat the steps above to complete each of the triangles.

closed buttonhole stitch

This is really nice and simple once you get the hang of it and it’s easy to see how versatile it could be with smaller, closer stitches or closer, taller stitches. Using different textures and thicknesses of thread would also give this a really different look and feel.

If you want to explore this stitch further – use a different piece of fabric or why not create another sampler – let us see how you get on in the FB Group.

stitchdoodles facebook group

Happy Stitching!

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closed buttonhole stitch tutorial

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