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Stitch Fun – Back Stitch Variations

Join in with the Stitch Fun…

…and complete a fabulous sampler over the next few weeks.

So far we have added lots of fabulous stitches to our sampler…

…if this sounds like your kind of fun and you want to join in, here’s the starter info you need…. Stitch fun sampler start guide.

This weeks addition to the sampler is…

Back Stitch Variations

Back Stitch is such a simple line stitch but with a few additions you can make it into a really nice decorative stitch as well. I’ve got 3 alternatives for you to add to the sampler…

First let’s go over how you do a back stitch and then we can decorate it …

Back Stitch

It is a really simple line stitch…

  • come up at 1, go down at 2
  • up at 3, go down at 4
  • up at 5, go down at 6

Continue in this way, coming back on yourself to complete a line.

Whipped Back Stitch

The Whipped back stitch will be next to the raised chain band in the top right quarter of the circle.

Mark a line – about 0.5cm from the raised chain stitch and back stitch the line.

I used 2 strands of thread.

Using a contrasting thread (I used a perle thread size 5), and a blunt needle – bring the thread up at the centre – just to the side – of the first stitch.

The thread is passed under each stitch – FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM – without piercing the fabric (see first image above). Keep doing this and you are whipping the stitch as you go. It looks like a candy cane when you are done…

whipped back stitch.

For the next 2 back stitch variations…

Mark 2 more lines on your sampler, this time in the top left quarter of the circle.

Mark one line 0.5cm from the Guilloche stitch and then the other line 1cm away from this.

Back stitch both lines.

Threaded Back Stitch

You work this stitch in a similar way to the whipped back stitch but this time you bring the contrasting thread up and down under the back stitches. Adjust the loops as you go the size you want them.

Pekinese Stitch

On the last line that you have back stitched we are going to do Pekinese Stitch…

  • Starting on the left, with a blunt needle and a contrasting thread – bring the needle up at 1.
  • Take the needle up under the adjacent stitch at 2.
  • Take the needle back around and go under the first stitch at 3 – making sure the needle comes out over the loop of thread.
  • Repeat this process to complete the line.

You can leave the loops slightly bigger for a more decorative effect or pull them into the line for a more compacted look.

3 nice simple lines to complete and they make a really nice addition to the sampler…

If you have enjoyed these stitches and you are loving how your sampler is looking so far – show off your stitching over in the FB Group. Or, email me and I’ll add it here so others can be inspired.

Happy Stitching!

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