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Stitch Focus: French Knot


Do you love French Knots?!

So many people starting out in Hand Embroidery have a fear of the French Knot!

For some reason it is considered a really tricky stitch however, once you get the hang of them you realise they are actually really simple.

French knots are a pretty and versatile surface stitch and can be used for so many decorative purposes.

Where to stitch them…

They fit in basically anywhere! As a filler (like the birds wing above), as an outline stitch they add a great bit of texture and as an isolated stitch they make beautiful flowers either on their own or as a collection.

Here’s a ‘How to’ for the French knot stitch…

french knot

Come up where you want your knot to be.

Wrap your thread around the needle -in this photo I have wrapped it twice.

The more wraps you do the larger the knot will be.

french knot

Insert the needle back down the place you came up.

Pull the wraps taut to the tip and keep them there as you pull the needle through to the back.

french knot

As you can see the wraps are still nice and snug at the fabric as the thread is being pulled through.

This is what forms the knot and when the thread is pulled right through it secures the wraps (or knot) in place.

french knots

Stitch a few and you will be a pro in no time!

The difference a thread makes…

french knots

You can get some more ideas on my pinterest board for lots more French knot stitchiness.

Happy Stitching!


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