Stitch Explorer Sampler: Wk 8

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Welcome to Week 8!

This is going to be the last week for this sampler. There are only a few more areas to fill and many of these will be a repeat fo stitches I have already stitched.

I’ve marked on the following photo the 4 areas remaining (red circles) and will show you up close which stitches I used to complete them…

The 5 Petal Flower on the bottom row

There is just one more outer petal and the centre to stitch.

The outer Petal: This has been outlined in back stitch and then decorated across the width with cross stitch. I then used a variety of different stitches to fill in the gaps – star, cross and fly!

The Centre is a couched circle – The main couched lines were done with 3 strands and the anchor stitches used 2 strands. Start from the centre out and work your way around to fill in the circle finishing on the outer edge.

Now your bottom row should be complete…

The Centre Square

If you have been following the same as me, you will have 3 lines of dots left on the bottom of the central square. I stitched these with a very simple zigzag stitch.

In the photo there is one row of zigzags worked from left to right and then a second row below this where the zig zags are stitched in the opposite direction to create a mirror image.

Next I worked the exact same 2 rows over the first in a different colour and in the opposite direction to the first to make it look even more complex but it is actually a really simple pattern to do!

Here’s the completed centre square…

Heart Shaped Flower (top row)

I had already completed the Fishbone stitch and Satin stitch petals on this flower. For the remainder I played around with ones I had already done previously in the sampler as you can see…

That just leaves the last block to complete, which is the…

Clamshell Block

Here’s some of the clamshells I had already completed as we experimented with these stitches on the previous weeks…

And here’s the stitches I completed the rest with. The outlines were done in either split, back, stem. Don’t forget to stitch the outer edge of the square when you are all done.

Now your top row is complete:

Finishing the Stitch Explorer Sampler

There are just 2 more lines of stitching to go and your sampler is complete the top and bottom lines.

Now that you have experimented with lots of different stitches you can choose whichever you like for these.

On the top line, I stitched a whipped running stitch which we did in the very first week.

On the bottom line, I decided to throw in one more new stitch – Pekinese Stitch.

Stitch Explorer Complete

Make sure you show off your completed samplers in the Happy Stitching FB Group or on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

I really hope you have enjoyed stitching this with me!

Happy Stitching!

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