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Stitch Explorer Sampler – on the blog soon…


Do you love Hand Embroidery stitches!

Here at Stitchdoodles, we certainly do. This is the reason we feature a variety of different stitches in each of the designs created – the variety, texture, visual differences as well as beautiful result make them completely addictive!

I am so busy stitching up designs, I sometimes just want to go back to the very basics which is the stitches themselves. It has been a few years since I did a stitch sampler that just featured stitches and I have been itching to stitch one again for some time now.

I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and have created a fun little shape design that I can fill with stitches to my hearts content – I can’t wait!

Would you like to join me on the journey?

There is no better way to learn hand embroidery, as well as enjoy the simplicity of stitches than with a stitch sampler so, with that in mind – I thought I would invite the wonderful Stitchdoodles stitchers along on the journey as well rather than wait and present it to you once finished.

This way we can all enjoy the surprise!

The Stitch Explorer Sampler

I have created a very simple block design with lots of shapes and lines to be stitched and at this point I have no idea which stitches I will put where and what it will look like at the end – thats all part of the excitement!

What I do know is, it will look wonderful when stitched – lots of stitches, lots of colours, lots of texture – whats not to like!

How will this project work?

Each week, I will add a new stitch to the sampler and explore different ways of using it for hand embroidery. I will then share that weeks addition and a ‘how to’ for the stitch each Sunday on the blog for those of you who want to join in – simple!

How long will it take to complete?

Who knows! This is very much a sloooow project – one that you can have in the background. I have so much going on and life does throw us some curve balls, so this project is designed to be a relaxed weekly affair until we have the whole beautiful sampler complete.

What about the thread and colours?

This is the beauty of these kind of impromptu samplers which we sometimes throw your way at Stitchdoodles – use what you have to hand in whichever colours you choose – you really can’t go wrong as it is about experimenting with all kinds of thread for different effect.

Practice your stitches before committing…

I have an exciting addition for this sampler to help you along the way. I am always stitching on odd pieces of fabric and its not easy, especially for beginners, to get stitches right without any guidelines so, I have created the perfect solution…

‘Stitch Practice ‘ Fabric Panels

This is fabulous for beginners ( as well as everyone else) wanting to try out stitches and experiment before committing to the final design. You will love using this to practice on – it is so much fun!

Since this is a ‘learning’ piece of work, why not write what the stitch is right next to it for reference later on. These are wonderful to keep to reference stitches as well as see how far you have progressed along the way.

Practice on Letters as well

There are lots of stitches that lend themselves to letters and it can be tricky knowing which to use. I have created a sweet little alphabet to be used alongside the main sampler so we can experiment on those as well!

Join in the stitching fun…

Beginners can follow along learning as we go and experienced stitchers might find themselves speeding ahead and doing thier own version – whatever works for you is fine with this project. The main aim is to stitch, have fun and learn a few new stitches along the way.

Would you like to Stitch this sampler ?

Stitching starts on the 25th June and you can join in anytime in one of the following formats…

PDF Template – Transfer to the fabric yourself and away you go

Pre Printed Fabric – no prep, just ready to stitch as soon as you are.

I hope you will join in the fun and share your stitching along the way.

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