Stitch A Long

Here at Stitchdoodle’s we love Stitch A Longs and there is nothing like completing a pattern alongside others for creating a buzz and fuelling your passion for hand embroidery.

What is a Stitchdoodle’s Stitch A Long?

This is a wonderful way of stitching a pattern over a set number of weeks with all the tutorials for the patterns shown on the blog with full instructions and photos for you to follow along with.

During a ‘Live’ Stitch A Long’ – each week a new part of the pattern is released with all the instructions on how to stitch it.

As well as this you can share your progress and get tips and advice along the way in the Stitchdoodle’s Happy Stitching Facebook Group.

What happens when a Stitch A Long Ends?

Not everyone can keep up or has time when a Stitch A Long is happening so to make sure you can still join in and enjoy the pattern, all the Stitch A Long patterns can be accessed after the Stitch A Long has finished.

Here at Stitchdoodle’s, all the tutorials are on the blog indefinately so all you have to do is click on the Stitch A Long pattern you are interested in and all the details for how to stitch the pattern can be found here.

Happy Stitching!