Stitch Fun with Leaves

Yay! Welcome to Stitch Fun with Leaves

This tree originally started as an October challenge on the blog and so many people joined in and had so much fun stitching their leaves, it is now available as a project all year round.

Want to Stitch your own Tree?

You can choose from one of the following options…

Purchase the Pre Printed Fabric
Purchase the Tree template

This is not a step by step pattern – you can choose to stitch the leaves with the same stitches that I chose (using the links below) or, you can decide on your own stitches – just stick to a simple few if this is all new to you.

Not Sure which colours to use?

If you want to use the same colours as I have done, I used DMC 6 stranded thread in the following colours…

Leaves: #975, #919, #902, #154, #436, #3853, #844
Tree Trunk Leaves and Seed stitch Filling: #3862, #844
Buds with stems: #936, #734

Click on the links to be taken to the Stitch Tutorial…

Below are the links for all 31 stitches that I used to fill up the tree. Click on the button for the stitch you are interested in and it will take you to the tutorial from the RSN Stitchbank.

Happy stitching!

Tree Trunk and Branches…

Back stitch (2 strands): leaf shapes and edges of the trunk as well as the branches.

Seed stitch (2 strands): Filling in spaces around leaf shapes in the trunk.

Buds and Stems…

2 strands: Stem stitch the Stems & detached chain stitch the buds.

All 31 leaves are now complete!