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Spring Sampler – Week 6


Welcome to Week 6 of the Spring Sampler SAL…

If you need a refresh on the SAL or would like to access the FREE pattern – you can find all the information here… Spring Sampler Stitch a Long

Week 6

Block 6 – Geometric Design

DMC Thread (use 2 strands throughout), you will need:

  • #777 Cherry
  • #3834 Plum

Colour and Stitch Guide

This block is a little different from the floral ones that have been the focus so far but it is still a traditional design for band samplers and fits in nicely with the overall pattern.

Although it is really simple to stitch, there are a couple of points to keep in mind to make it look a bit neater overall.

Each line is 1 long stitch – the arrows below show the full length of a few of the longest stitches. The point where they cross over other lines will be anchored down at the very end with a tiny stitch on the cross-section so you don’t need to worry that it is too long.

Start on the central square and stitch the inner lines (the 2 lines which create the 4 little squares) before stitching the longer outer lines.

On the ends where the shorter stitches are – stitch these first and then do the one long stitch across them to make it look neater.

Plan your stitching a bit before you get going so you are not wasting lots of thread and having to cross over large areas at the back.

Once you have stitched all of your lines, you can then make a very small vertical stitch on the cross-sections (where the thread crosses over one another) – this is an anchor stitch that just secures the long stitch to the fabric and makes it look better overall.

Lastly, stitch a French Knot in the marked areas – I used 2 strands of thread and wrapped around the needle twice.

How is your sampler looking so far after 6 weeks…

We are now halfway through the Spring Sampler and I hope you are enjoying the pattern so far. Only 6 more blocks to go!

Show us how your sampler looks at week 6 over on the Facebook group or post a picture on Instagram and use the #stitchdoodlespringsal2020.

Block 7 will be on Thursday 16th April – see you then.

Happy Stitching!

Want to join in?

If you would like to join the FREE Stitch a Long – you can. It takes place up until the 21st of May 2020 and don’t worry if you can’t keep up. As long as you have the pattern (which is free up to 21st May through the link below) – the tutorials will be staying on the blog so you can take as long as you like.

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