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Spring Sampler SAL – Week 4

Little Doves

Welcome to Week 4 of the Spring Sampler SAL…

If you need a refresh on the SAL or would like to access the FREE pattern – you can find all the information here… Spring Sampler Stitch a Long

Week 4…

  • #758 Antique Pink
  • #3853 Orange
  • #154 Damson
  • #3803 Berry
  • #937 Grass Green

Block 4 – Little Doves

DMC Thread (use 2 strands throughout).

Color and Stitch Guide

Stitching the Doves

First, Satin Stitch the Doves breast in #758. This is done in the same way as you did the leaves in Week 2 (see the tutorial here). The shape is a bit trickier but with it being such a small area – this is a good way to practice your directional stitching.

If you use the arrows as your guide for the direction of your stitches – you should naturally curve around and fill the shape.

Next, in the orange (#3853) Satin Stitch the wing.

To complete the Dove, (#154) stitch 3 long stitches on the wing (using the photo as a guide) and then straight stitch the feet and beak. For the French Knot eye, I wrapped the thread twice around the needle but if you find this too big then just wrap once to make it smaller.

And that is your sweet little dove complete, all you need to do is stitch the other 3 in the same way – happy stitching!

Stitching the Trees

These are lovely and simple to stitch.

Backstitch the outline of the treetops before you fill in with french knots. This helps to define the shape and give a better finish. The French Knots were stitched in 2 strands and wrapped twice around the needle.

The Tree Trunk was stitched in vertical straight stitch and then the base in horizontal straight stitch.

doves sampler pattern

Well done – your gorgeous little doves’ block is now finished.

Please share your progress on the Facebook group and show everyone the little doves you have managed to stitch. You can also share your progress on Instagram using #stitchdoodlespringsal2020.

Block 5 will be on Thursday 2nd April – see you then.

Happy Stitching!

Want to join in?

If you would like to join the FREE Stitch a Long – you can. It takes place up until the 21st of May 2020 and don’t worry if you can’t keep up. As long as you have the pattern (which is free up to 21st May through the link below) – the tutorials will be staying on the blog so you can take as long as you like.

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