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Spring Sampler SAL – Week 12


Traditional Band

Welcome to Week 12 of the Spring Sampler SAL…

This is the Final week – can you believe it! Well done if you have reached this point and don’t worry if you haven’t – the tutorials for each of the blocks will be on the blog for you to go over and stitch at your own pace in your own time for as long as you want.

If you need a refresh on the SAL or would like to access the FREE pattern – you can find all the information here… Spring Sampler Stitch a Long

The pattern is only free for the rest of this week – if you haven’t done so already, make sure you download the pattern from the FREE resource library by Friday 22nd May – after this it will not be available.

Week 12…

  • #3362 Leaf Green
  • #3834 Plum
  • 3820 Daffodil

Block 12 – Traditional Band

DMC Thread (use 2 strands throughout).

Colour and Stitch Guide

Stitching the Green Pillars…

These pillars are quite time consuming to stitch – I chose to complete them in Brick stitch as this is a filler stitch I particularly enjoy stitching.

If you are not a fan of this stitch then by all means choose a filler that you are more comfortable with as it will work just as well. Some suggestions could be Satin Stitch, Split stitch, Chain Stitch.

Try something you like and see how it goes – you can always change your mind and unpick – I have done this many times on many patterns!

Stitch Lazy Daisies…

After all that stitching for the Pillars, you can have a nice bit of fun stitching the lazy daisies to fill each of the centre gaps and giving each a French Knot for the centre.

Your Sampler is now Complete – Yay

Thank you so much for joining in on this stitch a long and well done if you kept up along the way and have completed yours in the 12 weeks! An extra special thank you to those of you who shared your progress along the way to encourage others with your stitching.

Please share your progress and your completed samplers on the Facebook group and on Instagram with the #stitchdoodlespringsal2020

Happy Stitching!

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