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Spring Sampler SAL – Week 1


Welcome to the Stitchdoodles Spring Sampler Stitch A Long.

The Stitch A Long has finished but you can still stitch this design – find all the information here… Spring Sampler Stitch a Long

Week 1

Block 1 – Traditional Strawberries.

DMC Thread (Use 2 strands throughout), you will need:

  • #937 Grass Green
  • #309 Strawberry
  • #758 Antique Pink

Of course, feel free to choose your own colors if you wish.

Stems & Leaves…

Split Stitch the stems keeping your stitches nice and small so that you make a nice curve.

Each of the leaves is stitched in Fishbone Stitch – if you need to – draw a centerline down each of the leaves to guide you.

Here’s a How-to for the Fishbone Stitch:


#309 2 strands. You have a choice of stitch for filling in the strawberries – Satin Stitch or Long & Short Stitch. Choose the one you are most comfortable stitching.

Here’s a ‘How to’ for the Satin Stitch Strawberries… with a satin stitch I like to do a backstitch outline first and then fill in the shape by starting in the center and filling in one side before going back to the center and filling the other side.

I tried both alternatives and eventually settled on the Long and Short Stitch. Again, I backstitched around the edge of each strawberry before filling in with the long & short stitch. I started at the bottom and worked my way up – I am not neat when it comes to this stitch but I liked the way the strawberries looked when finished!

All you need to do is finish off each of the strawberries like so…

#758 Antique Pink (2 stds)

Stitch several French Knots over the strawberries for the pips.

And that’s your first block complete!

Please share your progress on the Facebook group and let us see your wonderful strawberries!

Block 2 will be on Thursday 12th March – see you then.

Happy Stitching!

Want to stitch this pattern?

You still can. Even though the Stitch A Long has finished you have several options to be able to stitch this fantastic design.

Purchase a Pre Printed Panel or Pattern template and follow the blog tutorials – they are all shown on this page for you to follow easily.

If you prefer to print the pattern you can purchase the PDF pattern for the Spring Sampler design here.

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