Poinsettia embroidery pattern
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Poinsettia Flower Stitch Along – Back Stitch

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All of the information for stitching this fabulous poinsettia Sampler is now available as a PDF for FREE… See the bottom of the post for details…

Back Stitch…

This is a nice simple stitch which most people who enjoy hand embroidery will have done at some point or another.

A nice easy day today which should take very little time.

All you need to do is Back stitch around the outline of Petals 9 and 12!

Here’s the stitch…

Back Stitch tutorial

And here’s how it looks completing the 2 petals…

Petal 9…

back stitch hand embroidery

Petal 12…

Back Stitch the outline of the lovely fly stitch you have already completed for Petal 12 …

fly stitch hand embroidery

Tomorrow is Bullion Stitch – see you back on the blog then!


You can now access the complete Poinsettia sampler stitch guide and template in PDF form for FREE here…

Get the password for the FREE Resource library with the Poinsettia PDF file  by filling out this form: 

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poinsettia sampler

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