Poinsettia embroidery pattern
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Poinsettia Flower Stitch Along – French Knots

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All of the information for stitching this fabulous poinsettia Sampler is now available as a PDF for FREE… See the bottom of the post for details…


Welcome back

Your Poinsettia flower hand embroidery sampler should be starting to take shape now.

French knot

French Knots

You either love them or hate them but once you get the hang of them, French knots make your hand embroidery projects really come to life.

You will need to stitch the outlines of Petal 4 and Petal 13 with French knots close together.

I used a thread similar in thickness to 2 strands of DMC and wrapped my needle twice for each Knot.

If you want larger knots use a thicker thread or wrap your needle 3 times rather than 2.

French Knot step by step

Look how beautiful they look as an outline stitch…


Have fun stitching all those lovely knots and come back tomorrow to find out what we are stitching next.


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