Poinsettia embroidery pattern
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Poinsettia Flower Sampler – Fishbone Stitch


Welcome to the Poinsettia Flower Sampler Stitch A Long

This beautiful Poinsettia Sampler can be stitched over 15 days as there are 15 posts detailing different stitches. Alternatively you could wizz through and get it done a lot quicker. The flower is created from 16 different stitches!

Look at all these lovely stitches you can stitch…

Would you like to stitch this sampler?

You can find out how to access the FREE Template as well as the Materials needed to complete the sampler in the first post here… Start the Poinsettia Flower Sampler

Well done if you have made it this far as we are now on day 12 and we are stitching…

Fishbone Stitch

This is one of my favourites as it looks amazing once complete.

Stitch as follows…

Petal 5:


Start at the tip and work the top section first. Once you have your vertical straight stitch, each stitch after that is done alternately on each side from the outside in.

Take each stitch coming up on the outer edge and then back down on the centre line just below the last stitch and you work your way down from there.

How to do Fishbone Stitch…

Fishbone Stitch collage

It’s really easy once you get going and very addictive!


Day 13 will be Sheaf Stitch… you can head to that post here… Day 13 Stitching

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poinsettia sampler

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