Poinsettia embroidery pattern
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Poinsettia Flower Stitch Along – Pistol Stitch and Seed Stitch

All of the information for stitching this fabulous poinsettia Sampler is now available as a PDF for FREE… See the bottom of the post for details…


We are in to the last few days so most of the work is done on all but 1 of the petals which we will be stitching tomorrow!

For today, we are going to do some filling in of several petals with 2 different stitches –

Pistol Stitch and Seed Stitch…

Petal 9 has the lines drawn on for the Pistol Stitch. This is basically a French Knot with a tail.

Hand embroidery Back Stitch

Here’s How to stitch a Pistol Stitch:

Bring your needle up at 1 where the end of the tail will be and then wrap your needle 2 or 3 times as you would for a French Knot and insert the needle down at 2, pulling your thread through and forming the knot.

Pistol Stitch Tutorial

Petal 1 has 3 Pistol Stitches at the tip…

pistol stitch

and Petal 9 with them all over…

pistol Stitch

Next you will need to Seed Stitch inside petals 10 and 14.

Seed stitch is super simple as it is just small straight stitches randomly stitched over a surface. For the Petals I did a double seed stitch as I love the effect this gives.

Seed stitch inside Petal 10 and Petal 14 like so…

seed stitch

Come back tomorrow and we stitch some fishbone!


You can now access the complete Poinsettia sampler stitch guide and template in PDF form for FREE here…

Get the password for the FREE Resource library with the Poinsettia PDF file  by filling out this form: 

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poinsettia sampler

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