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Organising Embroidery Threads


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When you know it’s time to sort out your threads…

I love picking threads for a new pattern – the only problem is, when I have completed that design, I get totally side tracked by the next pattern I don’t find the time to reorganise the threads and the result is this shameful mess!

Time for some reorganisation!

Every now and again I try some new faddy way of organising my threads – some based on the ‘pretty’ approach and others on the most cost effective.

This time I decided I had to take the no nonsense approach and organise them in a way that not only made the colours easier to see, but also made sense when it came to the thread colour guide. This meant if I ran out of a colour or am looking for a colour – it would be easy to see and easy to find!

Organise your threads by type…

I primarily use DMC stranded cotton – it is widely available, excellent quality and therfore when designing patterns makes it the obvious choice so that those people who would like to follow the colour choices are able to do so easily.

That said, I am currently experimenting with different types of threads in my designs and am excited to share these soon on the blog…

So, back to the organising… Here’s the DMC Colour chart I couldn’t be without…

As I have rather a lot of colours, I decided to use the colour chart as my organisation guide so I know exactly where to find a colour in my stash based on where it sits in the chart.

Here’s the reds, purples and blues…

Look how gorgeous they look in order. I was ashamed to find I had quite a few of the same colour which goes to show how disorganised I was being (not to mention spending money when I didn’t have to!)

3 Boxes later and I had a fully functioning and not to mention organised set of embroidery thread… this has proved such a delight to use I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing this sooner.

Now my large stash doesn’t seem so large afterall…

If you would like to organise your threads just like these then I have everything you need in the Stitchdoodles Shop.

You can find these wonderful Floss Boxes – they have 17 compartments and hold a huge amount of thread.

If you want a smaller box for individual projects then take a look at these. They are perfect for on the go stitching.

You can also find plastic floss bobbins which come in packs of 25 and are the best I have found.

Happy Organising!

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  1. Please could you tell us where you get the boxes from to store your threads? They look a perfect size…..

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