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Night Before Christmas – Week 10: Sleeping Mouse and Snowflakes


Welcome to the ‘Night Before Christmas’ Stitch A Long

Can you believe it’s the last week! 10 weeks of stitching has flown by and it has been wonderful seeing all the stitching taking place.

Keep on Stitching!

Even though this is the last tutorial for this pattern, don’t worry if you are no where near finished as all of the tutorials from the last 10 weeks will be on the blog for you to look back on whichever stage you are at.

All of the links for each week can easily found on this page.

Missed the SAL but still want to stitch the Pattern?

The full pattern is now also available as follows…

To finish off your pattern, for the final week you will be stitching the…

Sleeping Mouse and Snowflakes

I couldn’t do ‘Night Before Christmas’ without having the little mouse sleeping – in the poem – not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! Simple to stitch, he finishes off the pattern perfectly…

Stitching the Mouse…

You will need the following colours… #435, #975, #310

  • #435 Split stitch the body.
  • #435 Satin Stitch the Head.
  • #975 Satin Stitch the ears and then with #435 split stitch the curved lines in between to separate.
  • #975 Satin Stitch the tail and then back stitch around the inner edge of the head.
  • #310 Straight stitch the eye.

Stitching the Bells…

You will need the following colours… #825, #3752, #834, #3021, #3829

  • #834 Satin Stitch the Bells
  • #3829 Back Stitch around the bells.
  • #3021 Chain Stitch the Ringers.
  • #825 Satin Stitch the Bows.
  • #3752 Satin stitch the bow inner and split stitch the tops of each one.

Stitching the Wreath…

You will need the following colours… #3021, #321, #986

  • #3021 (1 strand): Continuous Fly stitch the little curved branches all the way around the wreath. They vary in the distance between the individual fly stitch so if you struggle getting them close together just add in a few straight stitches inbetween them for the same effect.
  • #986 add on the chain stitch and #321 French Knots where necessary.

Finally, the only part remaining to stitch are the snowflakes that form a border along the top and the bottom of the pattern…

These are really easy to stitch using #3752 (1 strand). You will notice there are 2 variations as there is a circle centre to a few of them.

For the First one – stitch a star stitch for the main snowflake, straight stitch the ends coming out of each spoke and take a small diagonal stitch across the centre cross sections to anchor them down.

For the Second one – stitch a star stitch for the main snowflake, straight stitch the ends coming out of each spoke and then bring the thread to the front at the centre and weave it under and over a few times to form a small circle in the centre – take the thread to the back to finish.

Complete all the snowflakes on the top and bottom rows to finish your beautiful Christmas Pattern.

Night Before Christmas is now complete!

I really hope you have enjoyed stitching along with this pattern and thank you so much to all of you who joined in and have been sharing your progress along the way.

Please continue to share your progress no matter how long it takes for you to complete.

I can’t wait to see your finished Patterns so don’t forget to share your wonderful stitching on the Happy Stitching FB Group or send me some pics and I’ll post them here.

Don’t forget you can also share your stitching on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

Happy Christmas!

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