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Needle Minders – the perfect Hand Embroidery Gift


Do you keep losing your embroidery needle?

You only have to put your needle down for a second when you stop stitching only to find it has magically disappeared when you come to pick it up again!

This seems to happen to me a lot which is why I love Needle Minders.

A Needle Minder, is a fancy term for what essentially is just a magnet (or in this case 2 magnets). Get 2 magnets and place one on the top of your fabric and the other underneath the fabric so it attracts to the top one – this holds it in place. Then all you need to do is place your needle on the magnet when you stop stitching and by magic it stays in place – never to be lost again!

But wouldn’t it be boring if we just used a magnet…

Of course, it would… adding a bit of sparkle to any accessory always makes it so much more appealing. When you start looking around you will see that needle minders come in all shapes and sizes to suit just about anyone who could ever need one!

These Needle Minders were made from buttons, brooches and pins and just show how diverse they can be…

My latest trip to the local antique shop had me once again spoilt for choice when it comes to vintage brooches and pins that can be repurposed.

I thought it would be great fun to create some unusual and quirky designs from some of my finds and managed to find a nice selection to appeal to different people…

Cloisonne Enamel Needle Minders…

These are really beautiful needle minders for the more traditional stitcher…

Dog Design Needle Minders…

Fun little dogs for those that are dog-obsessed. The running dog even changes color with your mood…

Unusual Animals

Gorgeous Panda and Elephant for those who want something a little different…

If you are interested in any of the needle minders above, then you can head over to the shop to see if they are still available. The last batch that I made were incredibly popular – these are all one of a kind so once they are gone they are gone ( although I will be back to the antique shop to see what other gems I can find!)

Alternatively, Why not treat yourself to this gorgeous Needle Case

Hand Embroidery Accessories can be as addictive as the stitching!

Let me know if you have repurposed something for your hand embroidery supplies…

Happy Stitching!


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