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Mini Doodle Cloth Tutorial


What is a Doodle Cloth?

This is not something I have made up just because it fits in so well with the name ‘Stitchdoodles’!

A doodle cloth is actually a simple piece of cloth that you use to try out any embroidery stitches you are not confident with, or just want to practice a bit more before you go for that fabulous design you have your eye on!

Back in 2019, here on the blog, we explored creating a doodle cloth with a few different stitch tutorials – these were mainly tricky stitches and you can find out more about that here.

Say hello to the Mini Doodle Cloths

My latest pattern is a little bit different as you get to create 10 Mini Doodle Cloths, featuring 10 basic stitches – so perfect for beginners.

Once they are all stitched, you can then make them up in to these cute little cloths – plus the felt wrap is gorgeous to keep them all in as a wonderful keepsake.

About the Pattern

The pattern features 10 different stitches and instructions are provided in step by step detail with photo’s on how to complete each of the following stitches…

Chain Stitch, Fly Stitch, Seed Stitch, Sheaf Stitch, Trellis Stitch, Fishbone Stitch, French Knots, Split stitch, Brick Stitch, Star stitch

I have purposefully chosen beginner stitches so that it makes this accessible for everyone to have a go.

The pattern takes you right through from start to finish – including finishing off the cloth edges and making the felt wrap. However, I felt that there may be a need for a more detailed explanation of the finishing process which is the reason for this blog post!

First things First: Would you like to stitch your own Mini Doodle Cloths?

If the answer is yes, choose one of the following options…

Follow the Pattern and stitch up your 10 different stitch templates then come back here to find out how to make them in to the finished article…

How to finish the Doodle Cloth Edges

I chose this method to enable those with no sewing skills what so ever to finish off their cloths and keep them for future reference without becoming frayed. If you know how, then of course you could bind the edges instead.

We are going to attach 2 squares together (back to back) and then cut around the edges for decoration.

Step 1:

Cut out 2 of your completed stitched squares on the OUTER marked edge and have some Bondaweb tape ready to use.

Step 2:

I used calico backing behind each of my squares when stitching and it’s necessary to adhere this to the top fabric first so a strong edge is created.

Pull back the top fabric to reveal the calico and cut a strip of Bondaweb tape to fit along the edge.

Iron this in place.

Repeat to iron a strip of bondaweb on the other 3 edges of calico and then pull off the paper backing from each strip.

Smooth the top fabric down over the top and then iron the edges so the top fabric adheres to the calico and forms a strong edge.

This is repeated for all 10 of the stitched squares before moving onto the next step.

Step 3:

Take 2 of the stitched squares (with the edges already strengthened) and place them back to back.

  • Iron a strip of bondaweb to the back of each edge on one of the squares
  • Peel off the paper backing
  • Match up the 2 completed squares back to back
  • Iron around the edge to secure the 2 squares together.

This creates 1 doodle cloth with a completed stitch on both the front and back.

To finish, use a pair of pinking shears to snip up each edge and make them look a little bit cuter!

One doodle cloth is complete – you now have 4 more to make using the remaining 8 stitched squares – enjoy!

How to make a Felt Wrap

Now you have all those lovely samples of stitches you need somewhere safe to keep them, and what better way than with this cutel Felt Wrap…

Included in the pattern with the stitch templates is the bonus template for the above square which can be used for the front of your felt wrap. You can choose any of your favourite stitches to complete the starflower and surrounding border and then you are ready to make the Felt Wrap…

You will need…

  • Your completed Front Square – all stitched.
  • 9 x 4.5 inch piece of felt – I cut around mine with pinking shears for the jagged edge.
  • Bondaweb Tape
  • 7 inch piece of ribbon cord
  • Button

Place your felt, right side outwards on a flat surface.

Iron Bondaweb tape to the back of your stitched square (exactly as you did above) and then peel off the backing.

Place the square centrally on the front half of the felt piece (right side) and iron in place.

Now all you need to do is add the finishing touches…

  • Stitch a button to the front edge in the centre.
  • On the left edge – halfway up and about 1/2inch in from the edge – snip 2 slits in the felt about 1/4 inch apart. Thread the ribbon through.

Now you can pop all your doodle cloths inside – wrap the ribbon around the button to secure and they are all nice and safe for you to refer to whenever you want.

Now you have learned all 10 of those stitches you can complete the fabulous Starflower Sampler. This is a larger version of the Starflower on the front cover and gives you plenty of opportunity to use all those lovely stitches again and again. You can find the Starflower Pattern in the shop…

Purchase the PDF pattern and Template
Purchase the Pre Printed Fabric and Pattern
Purchase the Full Kit and get stitching straight away.

Share your Mini Doodle Cloths and Starflower Samplers in the Happy Stitching FB Group or on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

Happy Stitching!

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