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Madeira Mouline Thread for Hand Embroidery

Colourful, beautiful Stitching

I love trying out different threads for hand embroidery and there are those special ones like Cottage Garden Threads, or hand dyed originals that always give me thread envy but because they are on the more expensive side of the scale, I tend to stick to DMC Stranded when it comes to the majority of my designs.

Up to now, DMC has ticked all the boxes for achieving beautiful and replicable designs. As a designer, you need a lot of color choice and this is definitely achievable with DMC.

Not to mention, it needs to be easy for those that purchase your pattern to find the same colours if they want to follow it exactly.

When I discovered the Madeira Mouline Thread I was excited to see that it also came in a lot of color ways…

The 6 stranded floss is made from pure 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton which is silky smooth, with exceptional quality giving a luxurious look to your hand embroidery.

The floss is colorfast making it perfect for cross-stitch and all hand embroidery techniques.

Totally different packaging

Each color in the Madeira Mouline range comes in a spiral pack and contains a full 10 meters of thread. (yes 10 meters! – that’s 2 more than you get on a skein of DMC).

The Spiral Pack keeps your floss clean, new, and tangle-free until you use it. Simply pull the thread you need from the bottom, the rest stays protected from dirt and dust in the pack and can be stitched to the very last inch.

I like storing my threads on cards so I can really appreciate the colors and choose exactly the one I want for a pattern so that’s what I did with the colours I had…

What is Madeira Mouline like to stitch with…

simply gorgeous…

I decided to do a simple comparison between the DMC stranded and the Madeira Mouline so I could properly give it the thumbs up before recommending it to fellow stitchers.

You can get a really handy color comparison chart that gives you the thread colors in DMC and Madeira that are a close color match. This is great if you have a pattern in DMC that you want to stitch in the Madeira…

Firstly, the color matching was really easy and I managed to find very similar colours in both ranges.

Stitching with both threads was very similar and the results pretty much speak for themselves…

Wildflowers stitched with DMC…

wildflowers hand embroidery pattern

Wildflowers stitched with Madeira Mouline…

I could not tell the difference in terms of how they both stitched and the quality of the resulting design. I can honestly say that the Madeira Mouline is every bit as nice to stitch with both from the color point of view as well as the quality of the thread.

I will definately be using this a lot more in my designs and stitching from now on and can definately recommend giving it a try.

I have put together some wonderfully fun colour ways for you to enjoy and find out for yourself how lovely this thread is…

madeira mouline thread

Check out the full range of threads available here

Would you like to stitch the Wildflowers Pattern?

This beautiful pattern is incredibly popular and available as both Template, PDF or full kit…

Wildflowers Hand Embroidery Template

Wildflowers PDF Pattern

Wildflowers Hand Embroidery Kit

Don’t just stick to what you know…

Hopefully you have been inspired to try some new threads out from this little comparison. Not all threads are the same and you might just find your next favourite!

Happy Stitching!

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Madeira Mouline hand embroidery

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