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I Love My Dog embroidery


Book Review

It is Crufts weekend here in the UK which means for 4 days, lovingly obsessed dog owners can indulge in all things dog-related and get to meet so many different 4 legged beauties under one roof.

This is the perfect time to do a book review on one of my favorite dog stitching books.

For Dog Lovers Everywhere

Anyone who loves dogs and loves to stitch would be able to find something in this book that makes them smile. There is so much to choose from for both beginners as well as the more advanced stitchers.

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As you can see from these little guys there are more realistic designs as well as some cute funny ones…

And if you want to go breed specific then there is a lot of choice from small breeds, through to large. Here is just a small selection that is given…

Embellishments for Gifts

Each of the dogs is given in miniature so they are perfect for practicing new techniques as well as embellishing items for gifts such as necklaces, glass cases, and bags – the book shows you some fun ideas for inspiration.

If you are looking for a larger design to go in a hoop then you could stitch several dogs together but really these are designed to be used on their own as small motifs rather than as part of a larger design

You can stitch up some funny dogs for embellishing cards and gifts for lots of different occasions throughout the year…

If you love dogs, then the first half of the book is a delight to flick through and just look at all the wonderful hand embroidered dogs that have been created.

There is a small part on basic techniques including some of the stitches that have been used but if you are a total beginner then you would probably benefit from a bit more of an in-depth guide on techniques in order to get stitching.

The rest of the book contains all the templates for all of the designs – they are given at full size so you can just choose the one you want, trace and then start stitching straight away.

I would have to say as a dog lover myself that if you love dogs and you love stitching then this is the perfect book to put on your wish list.

Where to buy…

Happy Stitching!

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