floral embroidery pattern
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How to use a skein of yarn for hand embroidery

I have done quite a bit of knitting in the past and the one thing I miss with hand embroidery is a gorgeous skein of beautifully crafted yarn!

There is loads of choice with embroidery thread as far as colour and type but it can be tricky sometimes picking the right colours to go with one another. I used this as my excuse for purchasing this wonderful skein recently!

The colours were just too hard to resist in this Filigran lace weight yarn

It is a 100% superwash merino wool and the 100g skein has a massive 600 metres to play with!

The question was – what to do with it – adding to my stash and just admiring it now and again was an option but I really wanted to stitch something in the amazing colours! I found a design I had done a while ago and figured this would be perfect for this type of colour explosion…

I soon realised that I couldn’t just start stitching – in order to make the most of all of the colours in the skein they needed to be split off so I could pick and choose and have them dotted all over the lovely flowers.

So, a bit of hand winding is required if you choose to use a skein like this but it is definately worth it for the rewards at the end. All you need to do is start winding the first colour off from the skein in to a ball and finish when the colour does. Do this for all of the different colours in the yarn and you have a whole set of colours that go together perfectly.

The beauty with the Filigran yarn was that the colours were non repeating so you got a whole ball of that colour off in one go and there was still a variation in that particular colour which will look like a variagated thread when stitched.

I chose the lace weight yarn as it is 2ply and therefore still quite a thin thread for hand stitching as I didn’t want it to look too heavy on the design.

Once all your colours are ready to go you can get stitching. This yarn proved to be really nice to stitch with. It had a good amount of strength to it so the thread did not break up or become too weak too soon as you stitched.

Here’s how the pattern looked when finished – absolutely stunning colours…

This will be available as a PDF pattern very soon and I can definately say I will be using this yarn again and already have my eye on a few more types to try out!