hexagon embroidery sampler
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Embroidery Sampler with Hexagons!

hexagon embroidery sampler

Embroidery Samplers are a fun way of practising hand embroidery stitches.

With this Hexagon Template you start with a blank canvas and fill in each small hexagon with a stitch of your choice. You will love how the design starts to come together as you get better and better with each stitch that you make!

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Traditional quilting designs and techniques are a real favourite of mine, you can’t get more traditional than hexagons – they feature often in many patterns and are really versatile.

I decided to transfer my love of Hexies to my love of hand embroidery and create a sampler with some gorgeous threads.

Hexies hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

If you would like to create your own sampler there is a link to the FREE Hexagon template at the end of this post.

How to transfer the pattern to your fabric…

Sticky Fabri Solvy is a water soluble transfer paper that is ideal for quickly transferring a pattern accurately to your fabric.

With a geometrical pattern like this where it is very precise, printing the pattern is ideal  and saves a lot of time. After printing the Hexagon pattern on to the solvy and sticking it to my fabric the hexies were ready to stitch. How simple is that!?

Choosing the threads and colours

A stitch sampler is the perfect excuse to play around with different colours and threads.

I have some gorgeous threads in the stitchdoodles shop which are perfect for playing around with lots of different stitches.

Decide on your stitches or make it up as you go…

Sometimes it is more fun to make things up as you go so that’s what I decided to do!

These little hexies are perfect to practice so many different stitches on…

Hexies hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

As you can see above, there are French Knots, back stitch, seed stitch, chain stitch and long stitch for a bit of variety. Lots of colours and textures to delight.

Hexies hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

And in these hexies, there is trellis stitch for the yellow grid effect and a simple running stitch makes up the mauve hexagon.

My personal favourite is the bright lime green couching stitch  anchored down with the pink – the  contrast looks amazing and was really easy to achieve.

Embroidery Stitch Ideas

If you need some inspiration or a bit of a ‘How To’ for different stitches, why not treat yourself to the Hexagon Sampler Kit which shows you in detail how to stitch 20 different stitches in to your hexagons.

I have featured many stitches in detail on this blog for various patterns and projects – find out all about them here…

Stitch Guides

I also have a fabulous Pinterest Board featuring lots of stitch tutorials for you to take a look at.

If you like to learn through books then the ones I personally recommend as I have them myself and have found them invaluable and easy to follow are The Embroidery Stitch Bible and The RSN Book of Embroidery.

As you can see when my sampler was all stitched up and the Sticky Fabri Solvy had been washed away it looks amaaazing!

hexagon embroidery sampler


Want to download the Free Template
 for the Hexagon Sampler?


If you make this Hexagon Sampler, snap a photo as I’d love to see your creations! You can send me photos at nicola@stitchdoodles.com and I will include them here with your permission. I lovelovelove to see your photos.

Love the Sampler but need a bit more direction?

You can purchase the Hexie Sampler with 20 Hand embroidery stitches already planned for you to stitch…

Not only that but there are some Hexie spaces left over for you to then fill in with the stitches you have learnt…

If you want to get stitching this and start your embroidery journey this is a great place to start…

Happy Stitching!


Want to remember this? Post this Hexagon Sampler to your favourite pinterest board!

hexagon sampler


  1. WHat kind of printer does the Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy Stabiliser require? Can it work with an HP black and white laser printer or only an inkjet? THANK YOU!

  2. Love hexies. I also quilt and have a Gramma’s flower garden in progress. Embroidery is fairly new for me. So excited to try this.

    1. I used to quilt before my kids came along (now I don’t have the space!) that’s why I just love quilt patterns and trying to replicate them in to something I can embroider. My next collection is going to be Baltimore inspired designs which I am so excited to get on with.

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