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Hand stitching with felt

budgie felt pattern

What is Felt?

Felt is a man made fibre that can be produced from natural fibres (wool or animal fur) as well as from synthetic fibres.

Working with felt can be an absolute joy for hand stitching.

It is fantastic for making felt plushies, decorations, or even as a backing material for a textured embroidery design. Whenever I make a new design out of felt I always try and persuade people to opt for felt made from the more natural fibres – for good reason…

Compared to synthetic felt, wool felt is so much softer and nicer to work with. It is also a lot stronger which means your creations will last and last. Synthetic felt can go bobbly and shiny after a while which is not a good look and can be so disheartening after you have lovingly made something and then it looks ragged and cheap in a very short time.

If you are on a budget then you still have the choice to go for a better felt. There are many variatons in Wool felt from mixed blends through to 100% wool so shop around. The higher the quantity of wool in the felt the better (in my opinion) the result will be. There are many online retailers selling fabulous wool felt in the UK and I have never been disappointed when I have made something from 100% even if it did cost a bit more!

My Felt sewing patterns have been delighting many stitchers for the past few years. All my patterns have been sewn in 100% wool felt which I got from The Wool Felt Company and I can honestly say they still look as good now as they did when I first made them even though they have had a lot of handling and photo shoots!

To make them even more irresistable to sew I have just designed them a whole new wardrobe out of felt!

felt dog accessories

There are coats, collars, bows, flowers, and all made in felt. A lot of these were made with a gorgeous merino wool felt from Cloud Craft. The colours from here are so lovely and the super soft feel was just perfect for the accessories.

If you would like to sew up a simple felt plushie you can see all my designs in my Etsy shop for Plushie Patterns. Along with the pattern you get a guide on making templates and transferring to your felt so you can’t go wrong.

Just make sure you use a good quality felt for the best results!

Take a look at these gorgeous felt makes I found around the web from some very talented designers… Click on the image to be taken to their shop…