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Hand Embroidery Free Design – Crumpet the Rabbit with Dandelions

January is nearly over…

This is always a long month to get through after the Christmas excitement so I thought we could celebrate reaching the end of January with a lovely little embroidery design.

Say hello to Crumpet

If you follow my designs then you will no doubt have figured out I love rabbits. Crumpet was one of the first rabbit patterns I created.

Since this pattern is no longer available, I thought it would be nice to feature him on the blog so you can enjoy stitching this cute little bunny once again.

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Materials required…

UK Suppliers:

You will also need the Pattern Template…

You can get the FREE template from the Stitchdoodles Pattern Resource Library – you can get access to this through the link at the bottom of this post. There is lot’s more fun stuff in there as well.

If you just want the rabbit this is provided separately with the little bunny bum and tail to make him complete!

The design template is designed to fit in a 4 inch round hoop.

Prepare your fabric…

Trace the template on to your chosen fabric, place in a hoop or frame and you are ready to stitch. If you need help with this you can read more about How to start your Embroidery Project here.

Stitching Crumpet

Appletons Crewel Wool (ACW) is not stranded so don’t try and divide the thread for stitching. Use 1 strand to stitch.

With ACW 301, First, stitch the entire outline of the rabbit in split stitch.

Crumpet’s body is stitched in long and short stitch (also known as needlepainting). If you are not familiar with this stitch there are lots of handy tutorials online – you can also take a look at my Pinterest Board where there are a few excellent pins on this technique…

Hand Embroidery Stitches on Pinterest

Start at the bottom edge of the rabbit and work your way upwards towards the curve of the hind leg. Stitch up to the line that defines the leg curve and then start again to fill the upper part of the body.

Don’t merge the 2 sections together as you will lose the leg outline.

Do the upper body section up to the neckline and then complete the head in the same way, keeping the neckline defined.

Although you are stitching in Long & Short stitch, the sections are small and in some places, you will find it is more like satin stitch which is fine.

You can put a little line for the nose in black as well if you want.

When you have finished the main body and outer ears…

With ACW 992, Satin stitch the Inner ears.

With ACW 993, Stitch a French Knot for the eye.

If you are stitching the complete rabbit use ACW 992 and stitch French Knots for the tail.

Stitching the Dandelions

Color and Stitch Guide… The colors are for DMC stranded thread.

For the french knot clusters – do the edge first and then fill in the center with the rest of the French Knots.

Lastly stitch the little stems that have blown off the main flower and are around Crumpet.

You are all finished…

The one above was framed in a 5-inch hoop that had been decorated with decoupage. You can find out how to do this yourself here… 5 Ways to decorate a hoop.

I really hope you enjoy stitching this little rabbit. Let me see some photos of how you get on.

Happy Stitching!


Want to download the Free Template for Crumpet the Rabbit Design…

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