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Free hand embroidery Pattern for May… Lily of the Valley


Welcome to this month’s Freebie Friday

The May Birth Flower is Lily of the Valley.

Lily of the Valley symbolises happiness, humility and sweetness …

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Materials required…

  • Fabric – 10×10 inch ( a 100% cotton is a great choice for a lot of embroidery.)
  • Calico – I use this as a stabiliser behind my main fabric when stitching.
  • DMC Embroidery Floss in colors…

You will also need the Pattern Template…

Lily of the Valley Pattern Template – available from the link at the bottom of this post.

Let’s get stitching…

Once you have the template downloaded (from the link below) – transfer the pattern on to your fabric ready to stitch.

Choose your colours. I used DMC stranded embroidery threads – 2 strands for all the stitches. The colours I used are given in the ‘materials required’ list.

For the 3 large leaves, I used 1 strand of #699 plus 1 strand of #3345 to give a variegated look to the leaf. Thread up your needle with the 2 different colours (1 strand of each).

I Stitched the leaves with Brick Stitch. Starting in the centre of the first leaf – Brick stitch a line all the way up from the bottom to the top of the leaf so you have a good starting point. Then continue to fill in the leaf with brick stitch working from your centre line outwards on each side.

In #704, stem stitch the stems for the flowers before you stitch the next leaf otherwise it will be difficult to see them.

The best order for stitching the individual parts where they overlap each other is Main Leaf, then green stems, then white flowers.

Here’s a nice close up for you with stitch and colour guide for each part of the flower…

Lily of the Valley Free Pattern by StitchDoodles

Finally I decided to Back Stitch a line in black where the leaves meet so they could be distinguished from one another (if preferred, leave this step out).

So there you have it, frame as desired, sit back and admire!

lily of the valley embroidered flowers pattern

Happy Stitching!



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Lily of the valley embroidery pattern

Want to download the Free Template
for the Lily of the Valley Flower Desi

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