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Free Pattern – Spring has Sprung

There has been a tiny hint of brighter days being not too far away this past week and I found myself inspired to stitch up a little bit of spring!

Here’s the result…

A Mini Stitchery full of bright spring colours

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Would you like to stitch your own little bit of Spring?

I thought you probably would! The whole design measures just 11 x 10cm so this is a great little project to fill in a couple of evenings and use up a few of those left over threads I am sure you have stashed away!

Materials required…

  • Fabric – 8x8inch ( a 100% cotton or linen is a great choice)
  • Calico – 8x8inch – I use this as a stabilizer behind my main fabric when stitching.
  • Wool Felt – a 6inch square will do if you want to display it like I have done.
  • DMC Embroidery Floss, colors are given next to each of the designs but use your own stash as so little is required and I am sure you have some spring like colours in there somewhere!
  • Frixion Pen for transferring the design.
  • Needle and Scissors.
  • 6 inch embroidery hoop
  • Small amount of card
  • Small amount of ribbon
  • Fabric Glue
  • Small wooden dowel for hanging – I used a knitting pin!

You will also need the Pattern Template…

You can get the FREE template from the Stitchdoodles Pattern Resource Library – you can get access to this through the link at the bottom of this post. There is lot’s more fun stuff in there as well.

How to Stitch ‘Spring has Sprung’

Using your chosen method, transfer the template on to your fabric and pop in a hoop so it is nice and tight ready to stitch.

The colours I used are given as we go along and I used 2 strands throughout unless otherwise specified.

Stitching the Centre Panel…

Stitch the pot first by filling in the vertical stripes with Split stitch.

Complete filling the stripes on the top and bottom rows with #436 and then with #834 stitch long stitches in between the stripes to separate.

Finishing off with #834:

  • Back Stitch the top and bottom of the pot.
  • Cross stitch along the middle stripe.
  • Long Stitch top, Middle and bottom of the cross stitch row then stitch small anchor stitches on each of the cross sections.
  • Stitch long stitches on each side of the pot to finish.

The Daisies: for each individual flower – bring each stitch out on the outer edge of the flower and go back in at the centre. Start by stitching a cross then fill in the rest to create a circle shape.

Stitching the 2 side panels…

Complete the entire centre section above by stitching the outlines of the panels with #550: back stitch.

Stitching the Flowers on the Middle Border…

Stitching the Leaves and Flowers on the Outer Border…

Your Mini Stitchery ‘Spring has Sprung’ is complete.

There seems like a lot of stitching but this is such a cute little size it only took me a couple of happy evenings stitching away. I loved it so much when it was finished I wanted to make sure I actually displayed it!

I could have opted for the easiest way which was to pop in a flexi hoop. Admittedly it does look nice just like this but for some reason I wanted something a bit more!

So, I came up with a ‘No Sew’ way of displaying the piece which ticked the box of being quick but also ticked the box of being a bit different!

My No Sew Display Method (could also be called the lazy way to display!)…

Cut around the edge of your finished embroidery leaving a half inch border. Also cut a piece of stiff card to the same size as the finished embroidery piece.

Turn the embroidery over – place the card over the back of the stitched piece – then fold each side over and tape down with strong tape. Finally fold the corners over to the back – check at the front that they are nice and neat and then tape them down when happy with how they look.

View from the back and the front…

Choose a piece of felt in a complimentary colour and cut it to a size about 1/2 inch bigger all around than the embroidered piece (I used pinking shears to give it a jagged edge). Also find some nice ribbon and cut 3 pieces about 6cm each.

Fold the ribbon in half and secure to the back of the top edge of the card. Make sure you secure the 2 ends to the back (so the loop is uppermost) and use strong tape – this is the tape I love using for things like this).

Finally – using Fabric Glue – stick the felt to the back of the piece and leave to dry fully before hanging.

Display and Enjoy…

I really hope you have enjoyed stitching this Mini Stitchery with a Spring feel and would love to see your finished creation.

Happy Stitching!

Want to download the Free Template for the ‘Spring has Sprung’ Hand Embroidery Pattern Design…


  • Nicola

    Hi Josie, they are only available as blog posts which aren’t designed to be printed I’m afraid – once the SAL finishes you can purchase the PDF for the pattern in my shop which is fully downloadable and printable. x

  • Josie Beaulieu

    Hi Nicola,
    I love your patterns and have made your last SAL.
    I’m wondering if you could tell me how to properly print your pattern instructions. I would like to put them into a binder to follow, rather than sitting in front of the computer. When I print your instructions. it ends up being 14 plus pages. Do you have them in PDF form or am I trying and doing something wrong?
    Thank you for your help.

  • Nicola

    Hi Jan, have you checked if the size is right when it’s printed – it might just be it is the correct size so putting it at 100% made no difference because of that?

  • Jan lasley

    Nicola, are you able to clear up something for me? I’m confused about printing out one of your free patterns. Can you explain how to enlarge them to the correct size. You indicate 100% but when I use 100% it comes out the same size. Help, jan

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