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Free Pattern – Create a Beautiful Needlebook


Do you need a Needlebook?

If you love hand embroidery then you most certainly do, especially one as pretty as this that you can make yourself. Never lose those needles again!

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Materials required…

You will also need the Pattern Template…

You can get the FREE template from the Stitchdoodles Pattern Resource Library – you can get access to this through the link at the bottom of this post. There is lot’s more fun stuff in there as well.

There are 2 designs to choose from as well as the template for the book.

Stitch your chosen design on to the fabric…

You can choose between one of these 2 designs…

Download the templates and then you are ready to transfer them..

Trace the ‘needlebook template’ on to the fabric.

Choose which design you want to stitch and trace the template inside the box on the right of the needlebook.

drawn image on fabric

Place the calico fabric behind the main fabric and hoop them up ready to stitch.

Goose Stitch Guide

The Goose was stitched in DMC with 2 strands throughout in the following colours… #3866 white, #3033 cream, #741 orange, #3021 brown, #904 green

Lavender Stitch Guide

The Lavender was stitched in DMC with 2 strands throughout in the following colours… #333 Purple, #581 Green

Now to make your beautiful stitching into a needlebook…

Remove from the hoop and cut to size on the outer lines of the needlebook template…

Turn over and trim the edges of the calico away by about 1/4inch.

Next, using bondaweb you are going to adhere the calico to the main fabric to stop it moving about and to strengthen the cover…

How to use Bondaweb…

To complete the cover…

Choose a piece of woolfelt in a colour to complement the cover.

Cut a piece of thin card in to a strip 3.25inch x 0.5inch.

Cut 2 squares of Bondaweb both 3.5inches – iron these in place to each edge of the inside of the needlebook cover like so…

Peel off the paper backing from the bondaweb squares and place the strip of card in the middle where there is no bondaweb…

Place the felt over the top and iron to adhere in place. Flip over and carefully iron the main side to ensure it is adhered properly. Go over the edges properly to ensure these are stuck down all the way around.

Trim off the excess felt…

Choose a thread colour to complement the design and using 2 strands – stitch a double running stitch down the lines on each side of the card insert. Be careful to make sure the inside lines are nice and neat as well as the outer as both will be visible.

As a final touch – all you need to do is stitch a blanket stitch around the outer edge to complete the cover…

Inserting the felt pages …

With your 2 other felt colours – cut 2 pieces 7inch x 3inch.

Place them on top of one another in the order you want the colours to show in your book.

With 6 strands of thread – sew a running stitch up the middle of the 2 pieces to join them together.

Fold them in half and place inside the cover where you will attach them to the centre strip where the card is.

Using the same 6 strands of thread, ladder stitch the spine of the pages to the spine of the book cover – the card acts as a barrier so you don’t go all the way through to the back. When you pull the stitches tight it hides them so ladder stitch is perfect for this and it attaches them nice and securely. Secure off at the opposite end to finish.

Trim the pages…

Attach a button for closing…

Pick a pretty button and sew in place on the front cover…

To create a loop for fastening – take a long thread at least 3-4 strands thick. Thread on a needle and take it through the back cover from the inside to the back (1) and remove from the needle to leave the end loose.

Place the other end of the same length of thread on to the needle and take this through the back cover from the inside to the back (2) – remove from the needle to leave the end loose.

Now take the 2 loose ends and pull through the loop that has been formed by the thread – pull tight so it is on the edge of the back cover…

This creates a secure piece of thread you can use to loop around the button to close your needlebook and unwind it to open again…

Now you have a gorgeous needlebook to store your needles…

hand embroidery needlebook
hand embroidery needlebook
hand embroidery needlebook

I really hope you have enjoyed stitching this needlebook and would love to see your finished creation.

You can tag me on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery, post some pics in the Happy Stitching FB Group or email me your photos.

Happy Stitching!

Want to download the Free Template for the ‘Needlebook’ Pattern Design…


  • Sharon

    going to make one of three beautiful needle books …just hope mine.Will be as good as the one you have done ….take care ❤

  • 'Erin

    I don’t have a website yet but I’m designing one now and trying to come up with a name for it. I have a question that may be weird. If I have my own site and sell things so I still need a business tax ID # ? If you don’t know it’s fine if you don’t respond because I’m sure you a busy person having to keep up with all of this. Thank you and I love your designs. I just learned to use procreate so have been creating mine on there.

  • Josie Beaulieu

    Hi Stitch Doodles,
    I have loved following along with your SALs and have a question.
    How can I print off each segment of your SAL so that I can put it in a binder to follow along? I don”t care to sit in front of my computer while I stitch. This may be a dumb question as I am not Computer savvy.
    Thank you.

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