marigold flower embroidery
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Free Hand Embroidery Pattern for October – Marigold Flower


Welcome to the October Freebie Friday Hand Embroidery Pattern

The October Birth Flower is Marigold.

Marigolds are a beautiful flower that come in a variety of colors. They symbolise love, faith, wisdom and colour. When I first starting looking around for inspiration, I came across this gorgeous orange marigold and knew this was the one I wanted to try and stitch!…

photo: Wiki Commons

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Materials required…

You will also need the Pattern Template…

First you will need to access the FREE Template Download from my Pattern Resource Library – you can access this through the link at the bottom of this post.

Trace the hand embroidery design on to your fabric – I would suggest putting in the shading as well so it gives you a directional guide and placement for the second colour in the middle of the petals.

Pop in an embroidery hoop and…

Get Stitching…

marigold flower embroidery

I used 2 strands of thread throughout the flower.

Start in the centre of the flower and using #815 split stitch the 3 small little curls.

With #783, split stitch around the entire outer edge of the petal you want to start with. Next, stitch long and short stitch to fill in the top half of the petal using your shading as a guide of where to stitch up to.

To complete that petal, with #815 – long and short stitch the remaining area of the petal.

You can see the petal I started with in this photo which has been completed and the outer edges of a few others I will be stitching next.

marigold flower embroidery
marigold flower embroidery

Here’s the orange area filled in on another petal ready for the mauve to be added in.

marigold flower embroidery
marigold flower embroidery

Continue stitching the whole of the flower, one petal at a time in the same way with long and short stitch.

Fill the centre with little curls of split stitch both in orange and mauve to fill the area and culing in different directions.

marigold flower embroidery

Long and Short stitch (also known as needlepainting) is a really nice relaxing method of filling a space as you don’t need to think too much about what you are doing!

Here is the finished Marigold Flower…

Ideas for your finished flower…

If you know of someone with a Birthday in October or an avid gardener who loves Fall Flowers, you could stitch a single flower on to some gorgeous coloured wool felt and make it in to a brooch for a really special gift.

I like to mount mine on a 10cm canvas board. You can find out how to do this in my post here.

As always, let me see how you get on.

Happy Stitching!


Want to download the Free Template for the Marigold Flower Design…

Get the password for the FREE Resource library with the Marigold template file here by filling out this form:


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